Saturday, September 26, 2015

An interesting study.

Notice. This is not meant to be an alarm. I must reiterate that it's neither due to any over anxiety on my part regarding death, which is the only truth in life and will visit each one of us at a pre-ordained time nor is it a ready reckoner in case of a cardiac emergency! I'm merely passing on an interesting study conducted by the Kerala chapter of the Indian Society of Cardiology.

The Study.

The multi-centre observational study was aimed at identifying the initial reactions of the patients when confronted with acute chest pain.

A Few Interesting Statistics. 

  (a) Almost 85% of those who undergo cardiac emergency take about 1 to 6 hours to seek medical
       aid, leading to complicated situations.
  (b) A majority of patients try alternative therapies or self medication before reaching the hospitals.
  (c) Some even think that they would be relieved of the pain without taking any medicine.
  (d) The patients who reached the hospital within an hour had undergone primary angioplasty to
        relieve the block/clot as soon as possible reducing the damage to heart cells.

The Golden Hour.

This is the time period lasting for an hour or less, following traumatic injury being sustained during a cardiac emergency, during which there is the highest likelihood that death will be prevented if prompt medical treatment is provided.


Only 12% of the people who experience chest pain, leading to heart attack, reach hospitals during the golden hour.


So, are most of the remaining ones on the flight into the mist of time? And what about some of the 12% who also end up in the same manner? The mystery of life - the script of life - that only He, why worry?  

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