Monday, August 31, 2015

A month that went past a twad faster.

We've come to the last day of August. Days seem to be clipping by.

It seems to have been just the other day when we'd ushered in the month as most Malayalee ladies were half way through the recital of the Ramayana. And then, dawned the month of Chingam. The run up to the onam celebrations was hectic.

We'd a few betrothals and weddings that had to be attended and about 880 km were driven out with a quick visit to Pune, thrown in between. That was a tremendously satisfying experience and we didn't have to skip any function. In other words, we could answer the invites of every friend and relative without having to be selective about it.

And then there were the onam celebrations which was hectic. Meeting people and traveling distances had become a necessity. Mom and Lekha didn't mind the itinerary as it was ensured that they didn't go through any strain!

Today, Indira kunjamma, my aunt from Thiruvananthapuram had come by. She'd come to Guruvayur as a member of the group - they're given identical dresses by the organisers - to recite the 'Narayaneeyam' at the temple premises. She'd dropped in by lunch time and had spent a couple of hours with us. She ultimately left for Thiruvananthapuram by the 2110h, Chennai Express.

The month had begun with rains only to end up with blazing hot days which are really uncomfortable. Our Bougainvillas have sprouted tender leaves and our garden help, Ramesh has assured us that they'd be in full bloom shortly. He has advised us against watering them at this stage though, I must hasten to add that I sprinkle water when I see them wilt in the heat.

From tomorrow begins the month of September, the months from now on have the letter 'r' in their names and hence, fish eating recommences!

It's, therefore, bye for an interesting month!


The Kodak moment of the day - 'Mom's face lighting up on seeing her sister'!

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