Sunday, August 2, 2015

The doubts that arise.

News comes in every form, from every which way. All of us are hungry for news and that's why most of us browse through the newspapers first thing in the morning along with the morning cuppa. As one reads or hears them, each byte makes one think as to whether it's okay, whether it has substance or even whether there could be backlashes.

Also, it's a fact that when an order is passed there would be those who're benefited while there might be the rest that aren't. Going by the adage that everyone cannot be satisfied, an order that has the maximum acceptance can be deemed to be well crafted, effective. The other important factor is that it should be implementable without hitches!

Having given a preamble to this effect, let me go through a couple:-

 (a) Ban on Pornographic Sites.

       The ban on porn sites by the Department of Telecom has kicked off outrage among internet
       users across the country just giving an inkling regarding the numbers indulging in the pastime
       of visiting such sites. There's no reason to be a prude because one can't afford to label all of                them to be bad, provided the activity ends at just that and nothing beyond.

       The government's move has good intentions in that it wants the children to be kept away from
       even accidentally visiting those sites. But it can cost it a lot of good will because many would
       view the curbs as an infringement upon their freedom.

       My take is that every individual must know the limits of propriety expected of him/her. Your
       individual choices are your own but must never give you an occasion to regret. If every citizen
       is matured enough to accept this solemn responsibility, a blanket ban might not be required at all!

 (b) Global Statesman, Kim Jong-un!

       The North Korean dictator has been awarded the 'Global Statesman' prize by the Bali-based
       Sukarno centre and the news was announced by the daughter of the founding president, after
       whom the award is named. I ain't saying that dictators do not deserve prizes provided they're
       benevolent but there seems to be a mismatch that the previous recipients are Gandhiji and Aung
       San Suu Kyi!

       From the information that trickles down from North Korea, Kim has been ruthless in eliminating
       people who question his actions and therein lies the dichotomy!


We're, indeed, passing through exciting times. The children of today are more knowledgeable and
must accept their responsibilities and to equip them for it, fine teachers, with impeccable integrity, are a must!


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