Friday, August 7, 2015

Gaining acceptance.

Maman and me had set off from home on the dot at 8 AM. There was work at the office and a few important mail that were awaiting his perusal and clearance for dispatch. We could leave the place only by a half past 10 for Kollam, where an important meeting was scheduled with the officials of the government's industrial department at 12.

However, enroute, we'd another important task to do - wish an elderly gentleman many happy returns on the occasion of his 84th birthday. It was a pleasant get together with the entire family and the birthday boy was generous with his blessings!

And then it was the turn of Omanakuttan, our 'sa'arthi', to show his prowess on the busy highway. He found space where I found none, browbeat adamant motorists with his persistent honks and overtook vehicles with a flourish. The speeds that he could achieve out of the old Toyota Qawalis was simply unbelievable. Since we'd to keep the appointment, neither Maman or I said anything to him to avoid his 'blitzkrieg'! And by god, we made it in time for the meeting.

Government officials are known to be tough and impractically procedural. For a change, we'd the occasion to meet with two very positive gentlemen in Radhakrishnan and Biju, who, not only gave us a patient hearing but also put forth suggsestions worth incorporating in our proposal. Our Chathannoor unit, beset with problems, is gonna see a makeover and is poised to see hectic activity soon,

The board meeting was at 3 - post lunch - at the government guest house. After the annual report and the audited accounts had been passed by the members present, it was the turn of my introduction as the Chairman-designate. As I got to be the object of intense scrutiny, deep down within there was a momentary state of confusion.....what were these worthies thinking about me?.....any of the following, perhaps:-

       (a) a guy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Is it fair?
       (b) does he have the qualities of his grandfather and his uncle?
       (c) will he be able to tackle purely civilian issues having coming from a military background?

In my short acceptance speech, I solicited everyone's support and promised them that I'd do my work with sincerity and live up to the traditions set by my grandfather.

After a short detour to Paravoor to see the renovation of the new office space we'd set off on our return, a trifle after sunset . Again, Omanakuttan's dexterous efforts helped us reach home despite a bad traffic snarl!


To learn about the organisation by the time the ratification comes from New Delhi.       

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