Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Onward to Kayamkulam.

It was a flawless exit. As I closed the gate of 'The Quarterdeck', it was 10 to 6 and when we're finally headed for Thrissur, it was 6 AM as I'd desired. I'd taken the detour to bypass the railway level cross that was down for the 6 o'clock Punalur Passenger.

Breakfast at the hotel, beside the toll gate, was timely and adequate. We reached Kochi by 9 and after dropping Lekha at the dental care, mom and me were at the clinic awaiting our turn. The review was thorough and we had a fairly long conversation, catching up from where we'd left last. He was just back from a trip to Purnea where he'd witnessed his efficient junior set up a new clinic.

We'd set off by about a half past 10 on our onward journey and felt guilty when Bindu, the chirpy receptionist reminded me about my having forgotten to pay her the remaining Rs.100/- of the consultation fee. Since I was already well past the tricky maze of the city's messy roads, returning into it would have been suicidal and she has permitted me to pay it on my next visit, damn gracious of her!

And disaster struck as we're cruising through the town of Alappuzha. A super fast of the state road transport corporation swerved a bit too close for comfort, breaking my rear view mirror in the bargain, much to my horror. I could only cruise impotently forward because of:-

      (a) choc-a-bloc traffic and my stopping would have only added to the woes of the fellow                           motorists.
      (b) the super fast didn't even care to stop!

Was sad for a little while after the accident but then came lunch at our favourite haunt. And an hour later, we're at my cousin's place. The family had slowly conglomerated from different directions and it was a full quorum, save for two cousins, by sunset.

The entertainment programme put up by the family - especially, the younger generation - was super......and  it was yesterday once more!


All misunderstandings have been sorted out and it's a new beginning from now!       

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