Thursday, August 27, 2015

Interesting tidbits!

Am just giving you three interesting tidbits that I'd come across. The first one is a news item that just got me curious! And so, without much ado, here I go.

  (a) Did the Patel Agitation have to go up in this manner?

       The Patels of Gujarat are agitating for the inclusion of their community into the country's
       ever elastic OBC list, under the leadership of a comparatively unknown youngster by the name
       of Hardik Patel. Lakhs of people had turned up at the Maha Kranti Rally in Ahmedabad on 25
       Aug, it had lost steam and most people had left the venue disappointed with the youngster's
       decision to go on a hunger strike instead of keeping the protest at fever pitch!

       Then the following occurred. The police decided to go on the offensive. They arrested Hardik,            conducted a lathi charge on the remnants of the crowd and fired on protesters in other parts of the        state, resulting in mob fury and widespread arson and violence.

       My queries are:-

            (i) Was it a case of the police misreading the situation? I certainly don't think so. They can't
                 be dumb with the intelligence inputs, that they get thick and fast on such occasions!
           (ii) Which brings me to the second. Was there a conspiracy to flare up the situation to show
                 the government in bad light?

   (b) Shemitah.

         The Monday crash of stock markets, the world over, has left the investors counting their
         losses. Many are wondering as to what caused the meltdown and it's in this context that
         'Shemitah' is keeping them busy. Shemitah, the last year of a seven-year cycle in the Jewish
         calender, has several times in the past brought immense financial hardships to the world
         and therefore, a dreaded event to people from Wall Street to Dalal Street.

         Imagine a slice of Hebrew history being the cause for continuing jitters because 13 Sep
         is the day when another Shemitah ends! Remember, the Monday's crash had happened
         within days of the start of the last month of Shemitah!!

         Let's hope that the markets do not go through any more upheavals!

   (c) The 'Uthraadapaachil'.

         Today was the first day of Onam called 'Uthraadam' after the star of the day on the Malayalam
         calendar. Malayalees, the world over, presumably scan the markets to buy themselves all the
         ingredients that would be required in their homes for the celebrations spread over the next
         few days. Anyone who has not been able to do so is considered 'unsmart'! The literary meaning
         of the word, 'paachil' is 'a mad scramble'!

         The traditional Uthraadapaachil is over and everyone's keenly awaiting the dawn of
         'Thiruvonam', tomorrow!


Lekha goes to Tirur, about 65 kms from here tomorrow morning, to be with her dad and sisters on the occasion. Mom and I'll have a quiet one here, at 'The Quarterdeck'!

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