Monday, August 3, 2015

Correcting an error.

About a couple of months back, we'd guests visiting us. Soon after their departure - they're a couple - we, too, had embarked on an important work. It was much later that I noticed that a fixture in the room, earmarked for guests in the house was broken. It was replaced today by the quiet and mild mannered Sajeev, who's an expert on sorting out plumbing and electrical problems. More about him later because first things first.......the avalanche of questions being:-

  (a) Was the damage there much before the advent of the guests? 

        No, that has been doubly confirmed because before anyone was slated to arrive, the facilities
        have a thorough 'look-see' by me so that necessary 'corrective' action could be taken.

  (b) Why didn't they inform us about it?

        Probably, .......(i) they didn't want to upset us as we're also embarked on a journey soon
                                     after their departure or
                               (ii) they're too embarrassed about their faux pas or
                              (iii) in the thick of the happenings, they'd forgotten about it?

Anyways, Sajeev had come by about 1000h as per earlier arrangement and together, we'd picked up a new piece from the showroom, not far away. And he was clear in his mind that he wouldn't make me spend unnecessarily and to highlight that aspect I'd like to put in this bit too. Another fixture would have required a replacement because of a broken spindle and the salesman was quick to note his momentary dilemma - I'd none because I was ready to pick up a new fixture, anyways - saying that they did not sell spares but the whole and if I were to wait for another 10 days, they would courier it to me!

Sajeev, meanwhile, had quickly moved to the factory behind the showroom after taking permission from the salesman and was able to retrieve a spare without me having to pay a penny! Moreover, he'd dished out Rs.20/- from his pocket, at the counter, as did not have the requisite change.

The whole work was completed under an hour and Sajeev had gone away even refusing to take his Rs.20/-.......... There were nice people like him, too, amid us!


A good worker with integrity and above all, a nice human being!

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