Monday, August 24, 2015

At 'The Quarterdeck'.

It's a leisurely morning, yet again, at my friend's place. We'd to rehash our programme because, being a Monday, the place where we'd wanted to go wouldn't open. We decided to head straight for my sister's place at Palakkad. My sister had yet another day at school before it wound up for the onam recess and their brand new Swift was ready for motoring.

The journey was uneventful and pleasant, with the day being sunny and hot. Lunch was at our usual haunt and the tricky stretch of Kuthiraan, was quite okay though there was a long queue of vehicles making their way to the destinations. The place has a temple, perched on the hillock overlooking the road, where motorists pay obeisance for a trouble free journey and offer money - usually, in coins and they're thrown towards the steep steps leading to its entrance. Seeing a gleaming Duster gliding past in the opposite direction, I'd pulled back my throw and heard the coin fall immediately behind my right, rear wheel! So much about my lousy aim!! This passage is gonna change by about a year or so from now, when the highway moves through the tunnel bored into the Kuthiraan hill feature, east of the present alignment.

We reached my sister's by about 1400h and mom was all excited to see us; she'd packed her bags by then. A quick nap till my sister returned from her school, a noisy tea and we're off for Guruvayur. The roads were okay, traffic wise, and we reached 'The Quarterdeck' before 2000h. A journey that saw us covering 886 kms on terra firma with a flight to and from Pune thrown, in between!

And it was last Tuesday that we'd set off covering quite a few activities during the week that we're off from our house. I was down with a nagging cough which saw me going through a three day course of antibiotics and was now trying home remedies like chewing raw ginger to taper off the lingering cough, though of a lesser intensity!

My mom seemed to be the happiest among us and I saw that she missed her 'by now' familiar surroundings! Lekha's assistant had prepared our dinner and therefore, without much delay we could tuck into the food as we're indeed famished by then. Sat through our favourite television programme to catch up from where we'd left last. Earlier, was really happy to hear about young Jasleen, who'd grappled with her tormentor and had put his particulars on the social media, whereby the police had taken him into custody after she'd made her complaint!


A hectic week of visiting places and meeting people, Lekha and I enjoyed every bit of it.  

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