Sunday, August 16, 2015

The last day of the Ramayana month.

Today's the last day of the Malayalam month, Karkkidakom and the month of the Ramayana recital in every home. Lekha had completed the holy book a few days earlier stopping at the anointment of Lord Sri Rama as the King of Ayodhya after the vanquishing of King Ravana. The chapter after - that covers Sita being asked to confirm her purity - is never recited, according to an unwritten code. Mom used to read a page - symbolically, everyday - prior to Lekha's recital.

From tomorrow, begins the onam month of 'Chingam'. The celebrations connected to the festival will kick off and symbolically, the government of Kerala is set to sign the Vizinjam Seaport Project with the Adani group, tomorrow.

The Illam Nira. 

The 'illam nira' ritual, heralding the harvest season, was held at the Guruvayur temple this morning. Accordingly, the 'Manayathu' and 'Azhikkal' families - the two that are assigned to present the offerings - offered stacks of harvested paddy stalks to the good Lord. After the connected ceremonies, these were distributed to the devotees present which will find a prominent place in their homes for the next one month and in many cases, for the whole of the year, as a symbol of well being and prosperity!!

    *                               *                                 *

Lekha has completed the onam purchases by making three forays with her assistant, Preetha and George, our reliable 'saarthi'. Items have been picked up, with the usual care, to be handed over on the day prior to onam to all those who play important roles in our daily lives. Mom will do the honours at the appropriate time. We shall be off on three short trips before we return to 'The Quarterdeck' for onam viz.:-

       (a) to Kayamkulam to attend my cousin's son's engagement ceremony on the 19th.
       (b) to Pune to attend a coursemate/classmate's son's wedding from the 21st to 23rd. Will give us
             an opportunity to look up my cousin who's had a kidney transplant, the donor being her kid
       (c) to Vayalar to attend another classmate's daughter's wedding on the 23rd, close on the heels
            of our return from Pune.


Soon after the Kayamkulam trip, we make a dash for Palakkad to drop mom before we head for Pune. Some hectic schedule, huh!

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