Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guruvayur to Kochi.

The day - the forenoon, that's - was spent in:-

     (a) recouping ourselves and
     (b) getting ready for an early afternoon departure!

The advantage was that there was neither any panic nor any last minute running around, trying to tie up things. The short siesta after an early lunch was refreshing and we left our house before 2 o'clock. The Chevy was fuelled and the tyre pressure checked, enroute at the pump, where I frequent. The drive was hassle free but the road was choc a bloc with traffic flowing smoothly, thankfully.

We reached our friend's house by 1700 hrs. It was a fine evening and we could exchange notes on a variety of issues. Meanwhile, another class mate of mine had wanted me to check with our hosts at Pune - we're on our way to attend their son's wedding - as to whether he could attend the function since he had undergone a bereavement, in that he'd lost his 92 yr old dad a couple of days earlier. The query had cropped up because there are quite a few among us who feel that the attendance of such people did not augur well for the couple tying the knot. 

But what worries me more is that my friend, with whom we're staying, was adamant that he'd give our get together@60, later this year, the miss because he was still smarting under the e-mail duel that he'd with another about the manner in which he'd handed over the work on the coffee table book that was to be released during the occasion. He'd indeed done a lot of work beginning with the collation of the articles from everyone, to editing them and putting them in order but had handed over midway, as he was taking over as the secretary of the rotary club of which he was a member.

Had tried to mollify him but it was to no avail and I decided to leave it at that for the time being. Gentle persuasion will have to be applied over a period, perhaps, bring in a few others to coax him out of his decision!


(a) The new what'sap group of the second generation of the PN Panicker family, that we'd initiated yesterday, has become vibrant and popular with comments and their counters coming in really thick and fast. It's heartening!

(b) Li'l Shanaya - all of two and a half years - was the toast of the evening with her winsome antics!


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