Friday, August 21, 2015

Onward to Pune.

We're on time as we got ready to move to the airport. The cabbie, Joseph, was an efficient guy and he took us through yet another route which did not have any overloading of traffic. He gave me a few tips about getting my car serviced from his personal experiences.

Earlier, I'd made it a point to go via the clinic of my mom's doctor to hand over the Rs.100/- that I owed at the counter and wasn't she floored, because she'd given me time to pay it up during my mom's next review? The fact that I'd made a detour to pay up astonished her though I must admit that I didn't find any reason for astonishment!

The airport was choc-a-bloc with people as there were five flights bunched up around that time. The wheelchair assistance provided for Lekha did ease her woes considerably and the attendant got our checking in and the security clearance in a jiffy because of it. We're assigned a seat in the last row of the aircraft because two other acute cases, on wheelchairs, were provided the forward seats earmarked for the purpose.

I shall never forget the short flight of an hour and a half because of the severe turbulence encountered enroute in air pockets, stretched across the latter half of the route. The flight attendants did a marvelous job of serving lunch till they're given clear cut orders from the cockpit to fasten their seat belts at their stations!

We're at Pune by 1530h, absolutely bang on time, to a slight drizzle. The wheelchair assistance, the vehicle earmarked for us and the arrival at the Command Mess went off like clockwork. A quick wash and change and we're off to the venue of the wedding. The traditional rites were being performed and the panditji's humorous execution of the 'saat pheras' made the atmosphere all the more lively - a Sindhi girl was marrying a mallu, Hindu boy.

We're four classmates in all and there were many course mates with whom I'd the privilege of meeting after a long while. There was a palpable excitement that we're meeting up yet again in the third week of December for the course get together at the NDA. I was the lone man in the crowd - in the traditional Malayali garb of a dhoti and shirt!


Harshavardhan and Ankita - they make a handsome pair! - here's wishing you, once again, a long and happy married life. May all your wishes come true. And thanks, Venugopal and Umah for giving us the opportunity to be with you on your special day.   

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