Saturday, August 29, 2015

Timothios and Haridas.....a rare, dying breed!

Jojy, Saly and me left their house by 9. The previous evening with their son, Felix, daughter-in-law, Mili and granddaughter, Shanaya was nice and I've taken a liking for the li'l one and so has she to me, I presume.

Our journey to the Cherpunkal church, about 80 kms away, was nice with us exchanging lots of anecdotes, along with a sing song session, accompanied by the karaoke playing from the dash. There was a better sprinkling of our classmates this time and we'd a lovely time in interacting with each other. The wedding was a colourful affair and we took turns to wish Stanley and Priya, a happy married life punctuated with a group photograph of our's - her dad's classmates - with the couple!

My return journey was with another classmate, Josekutty Thomas. He'd taken prior permission from Jojy and Saly and accordingly, I'd shifted my overnighter into his Audi. The drive was nice with us updating each other about ourselves....he's a worried father as he's on the look out for an ideal groom for his daughter, who's nearing 30. His son has just joined a college in Lafayette, US to do his Masters in Computer Application.

I'd him drop me at the same Traffic Hub at Vyttila where I was in time for the 5 o'clock, low floor bus to Guruvayur. I marveled at the driver's maneuvering the huge hulk of a bus through the narrow stretches, choc-a-bloc with traffic! By the time I'd got off at the Mammiyoor junction it was getting to be a half past 8. The autorickshaw stand was empty and the few that passed did not stop. And then, I befriended Haridas, who went out of his way to flag down ricks that passed by, but to no avail. He'd secured his vehicle for the night  but seeing my plight, eventually dropped me at my house for a paltry Rs.20/-

Was reminded of Timothios, last evening at Ernakulam, who'd dropped me at my friend's place in a similar situation. So, while treachery, defiance and dishonesty are on the rise, there's a fair sprinkling of messiahs like Timothios and Haridas, who're a great help to the travel weary customers and they stand out like shining beacons of goodness.


It's people like Timothios and Haridas who reaffirm our faith in the goodness of human beings and make life worth living! God, do bless them and make sure that no harm comes to them!!  

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