Thursday, August 6, 2015

Guruvayur to Thiruvananthapuram.

After a lapse of over two months, I was venturing out of the house on my first long journey of sorts. I'd tied up all possible requirements of Lekha and mom, that, I could conceive during my absence and left for Thrissur by the passenger train from Guruvayur at 1300h.

My stay at the waiting room of the Thrissur railway station was over two hours and during the period, I could clear the backlog of mail that needed immediate attention.

The Jan Shatabdi was on the dot and I reached Thiruvananthapuram by 2100h with my Maman picking me up on arrival. During the journey, my fellow passenger who was working at the Vigilance department of the Kerala Police and a pleasant fella, got to be friendly and he told me about his activities as one of the volunteers who were part of my grandfather's literacy drive of the late '80s.

He was keen to know about my activities after my naval life and evinced a keen interest in the current thrust of the Foundation and offered himself for voluntary work - damn sweet of him. He has been added to my growing work force on the e-literacy drive.

The evening got to be a bit late as we'd got into a huddle regarding tomorrow's board meeting. The empowered committee - consisting of prominent political leaders and eminent personages from different walks of life - is gonna reorganise the feeder organisation's hierarchy. Additional responsibility coupled with accountability coming my way...hope I'm able live up to the expectations!


Life is gonna be hectic and it's my sincere hope that Lekha's coming back to normalcy takes place smoothly. In the meanwhile, there are quite a few social commitments that are to be met and skipping even one can invite a backlash.......there never is a dull moment! 

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