Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Some good....some not good.

Am talking about the day's news, some of which are good while some others are not so good. I suppose one can't expect everything to be hunky dory and hope that the bad ones become good in the not too distant future. Taking cognisance of a few, here I go:-

  (a) The leadership struggle in the Taliban.

        Consequent to the one-eyed Mulla Omar's death almost two years ago, there has been a power
        vacuum at the top levels of the terrorist outfit. That Pakistan's ISI has installed their stooge,
        Akhtar Mansour doesn't augur well for India. It makes matters worse that Sirajuddin Haqqani
        - the mastermind in the bombing of the Indian embassy at Kabul in Jul '08 - has been made the
        deputy. They're pitted against Mullah Yakub, Mullah Omar's son and the struggle is only gonna
        intensify in the days to come.

        India must play a major role in Afghan affairs because we mean well for that country and have
        done a lot of work in building infrastructure in the strife torn country despite attacks on Indians
        working out there.

  (b) The Lamp Lighting Controversy.

        Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulema, the body of Sunni scholars, who oppose the practice
        of lighting traditional lamps at public places has established its hold on the IUML(Indian Union
        Muslim League) whereby the latter has reiterated in its working committee meeting that its
        members shall continue to refrain from the practice.

        The view of a section of the leadership that it should be left to individuals to take a call on the
        issue, based on the situation, has thus been ignored...... Sad!

   (c) Flexibility.

        The Kerala government has shown tremendous maturity and the Revenue Minister, flexibility
        by revoking a rule that was brought about recently and was opposed by various quarters. The
        rule was that all encroachments on government land, in hilly areas, prior to 01 Jun '05 would
        be legalised with the stipulation that the upper limit would be four acres!

        There was a groundswell of dissent saying that the rule would benefit the wealthy and without
        much ado, the government had backed down which is sensible and right!

        How one wishes that such a rule had never been promulgated in the first place! It would have
        saved all concerned the embarrassment!!  


Meanwhile the logjam in Parliament continues........


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