Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If anything has to go wrong it will.

Destiny, there anything like it? Let me narrate an incident of today that can, perhaps, throw more light on the matter.

As was cited in my post of yesterday, we're the first of the relations to reach my cousin's place for the engagement ceremony. The connected activities merged seamlessly with one another but the morning's activity that gave me great satisfaction was when I went around the house's continuous verandah - something that had caught my attention at the time of the housewarming - reciting my morning prayers.

We'd kicked off from Kayamkulam to Ambalapuzha, roughly about 30 km away, around 0930h. The drive was fine and the day was sunny and bright. We reached the auditorium - a stone's throwaway from the famed Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple, where my mom, aunts and an uncle had made regular morning visits, years before - and were introduced to Lakshmi's folks before being taken to our seats. A few of my relations from Thiruvananthapuram had arrived by the morning train and some others, by road just before the meeting up with them was another important activity at the venue because the muhurtham was at 1140 hrs.

Minutes prior to the ceremony, my cousin who was driving down had called up asking me to receive her mom - Vilasini kunjamma, my mom's third sister suffering from Alzheimer's condition - at the gate so that she could go for a quick 'darshan' at the temple. So, precisely when the engagement ceremony was going on, I was escorting my kunjamma into the auditorium.

Lekha, my mom and even the boy - whose engagement it was - along with the others were sad that I was absent at the precise moment. But I must reiterate that I was the least bothered because at that point of time, escorting my aunt was the most important thing for me and I enjoyed doing it. Period!

......And yes, now I leave it to your conclusion as to whether it's fate or a strange off the cuff occurrence!


The Kodak moment of the day.......the lighting up of Vilasini kunjamma's face on sighting me that only I was privy to through the shaded window of her car! Priceless!!

The get away from the auditorium was at 1, soon after lunch and we're headed for Palakkad. Thanks to heavy traffic and a bit of slowing down at Kuthiraan, we reached my sister's place at a half past 6. After dropping mom there, we're off for 'The Quarterdeck' and rains, potholed roads and a religious procession at Ottapalam on the occasion of the 'Vinayaka chathurthi', ensured that our arrival was at a half past 9!

Abhilash and Lakshmi make a handsome pair!!   

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