Sunday, August 30, 2015

Looking ahead.

A few of the news events of the past week have opened up uncertainties than can create irritation. It's my fervent hope that it does not end up so, what with other factors kicking in that can retard or neutralise the process. Yet, it would be worthwhile looking into a few of those.

(a) The Patel Agitation Going National?

      Hardik Patel seems to be encouraged by the devastation that he's brought out in Gujarat and                 enjoys his new found stardom, albeit, for all the wrong reasons. He plans to make it a national
      movement by carrying his fight(?) to New Delhi. The agenda is to gang up with the Gujjars and
      other like minded communities in the pursuit of entering the OBC list.

      And I think that it would put him in the right place. Agitation for reservation? The PM has rightly
      said that there's no substitute to development and that reservation on the basis of caste/community
      can only be detrimental.
 (b) The CPM-BJP Clashes in Kerala.

       In their eagerness to grab political space in the state, both the BJP and the CPM have taken a
       confrontational path. Political workers of each of the groups have either been attacked/killed
       at a few places like Kannur and Thrissur over the last week and doesn't augur well for the state.
       The state police has registered about 26 cases revolving around the incidents and it's my fond
       hope that innocent lives aren't wasted on the altar of hatred!

       And let not other political parties play the proverbial fiddle as Rome burnt! Sagacity and                      tolerance, coupled with maturity are required from all the sides.

 (c) The Onam Festivities are coming to an end.

       After a week of festivities, Kerala would be limping back to normalcy this week. Hopefully,
       the government offices will have full attendance and it would be business as usual.

 (d) The India-Sri Lanka Test match.

       The final cricket test match between India and Sri Lanka is poised for an exciting finish. It's
        my fond hope that India doesn't collapse as it did during the 1st test match. We should win it and
        grab the series!


It's blazing hot these days and the forecaster says that 2015 is gonna be the hottest year thus far!                         

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