Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Religious Census Data 2001 - '11. Highlights that we all must know!

Finally, we've the census figures released after a long wait and there are interesting observations. But, firstly, the total picture:-

     1.  Total population                                                       121.09 crores
       Break up, religion wise                                                                  
             (a) Hindus                                                               96.63      "
             (b) Muslims                                                             17.22      "
             (c) Christians                                                            2.78      "
             (d) Sikhs                                                                    2.08      "
             (e) Buddhists                                                             0.84      "
             (f) Jains                                                                     0.45      "
             (g) Other religions                                                    0.79      "
             (h) Religion not stated                                              0.29      "
         *Note. All figures as of 2011.
     2.  Growth rate of population                                          17.7% 
     3.  Here are a few interesting highlights:-

          * More religious minorities live in urban areas than rural.
             With the exception of the Sikhs, more religious minorities live in urban areas.

          * Region, more than faith, dictates gender skew.
             (a) Sex ratios of certain communities(number of females to 1,000 males):-
                   (i) Hindus              939
                  (ii) Muslims            951
                 (iii) Christians      1,023
                 (iv) Sikhs                 903
                      * Tamilnadu has, in recent years, redressed the gender balance.
                      * Chhattisgarh has a higher sex ratio, in all communities, than its all India average.
                      * One in two Christians lives in the south. Its break up:-  

                          - Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana account
                             for 46% of the community.
                          - The seven north eastern states constitute for 28.1%.
                          - Goa has 1.3% and
                          - The rest are spread all over the remaining parts of the country.

       4. The overarching trends are:-

            (a) The fertility and mortality rates are reducing fast across all religions.
                  Within this trend it's the regional variations that will pose future challenges. This
                  will have portends on the regional demographic transition.

            (b) The working age population has risen, thereby opening a window of demographic
                  opportunity. Good governance can convert this opportunity to the country's overall


The religious minorities have always been and will continue to be safe in this country. The misunderstandings and the apprehensions are the handiwork of the politicians who need to be shown their place when they're up to mischief.



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