Saturday, August 1, 2015

News from here and there.

Having touched upon many topics earlier, connected with the news that were headlines recently, it would be prudent to take a step back and see as to what's the present status of, at least, a few of them. And so, without much ado, here I go:-

 (a) The Vizhinjam Seaport Project.

       When it was thought that all the obstacles have been overcome, in the execution of the project
       by the Adani Group, here comes a couple of impediments viz.:-

              (i) The Latin Catholic Archdiocese's objection and points that it has highlighted:-
                   (aa) Protection of the fisherfolk's rights once the project is implemented.
                   (ab) There are around 50,000 fishermen in the 32 fishing villages in the area and
                   (ac) The Archbishop has said that the government is ignoring the plight of the                                             community!

              (ii) The take over blues of the remaining land of around 34 acres with the parties taking
                    hard stands regarding the issue of compensation.

         What can be surmised is that the vested interests and lobbies are still trying to torpedo the
         project with whatever points that they can muster! Sad!!

   (b) The Mystery of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370.

         A barnacled, 2.25m long wing surface, known as a 'flaperone' and a piece of luggage
         that washed up on the shores of the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean have been sent
         to France's military unit in the south west city of Toulouse, which specialises in analysing
         aviation wreckage. It's gonna confirm that they're indeed the debris of MH 370!

         If the results are affirmative, the seabed search of the area closer to the place of sighting
         will begin and who knows, the mystery of the missing aircraft will be solved?

    (c) The Logjam in Parliament.

         The logjam in Parliament continues with the ruling party and the opposition hardening their
         stands. It's a sad plight that no legislation has taken place when these people have been
         wasting our - the tax payers' - hard earned money for throwing their tantrums for cheap
         political gains.

         They've no right to stall the genuine aspirations of the people viz. development!

    (d) The Chinese Shenanigans continue.

          For the first time ever, the Chinese People's Liberation Army hosted an Indian Army
          delegation at Daulat Beg Oldie in the Ladakh sector of Jammu & Kashmir. This is
          despite the mounting of China's strong diplomatic offensive against India's entry into the
          UN's Security Council. The Chinese have taken up, diplomatically, with many of the
          African nations and certain Pacific Islands asking them to go slow on the issue.

          How long can China keep us away? The sad thing is that we'd worked hard for their entry
          and this is what they do to us, in return!


Interesting isn't it? The way the things play out to be seems to have an ominous pattern!   

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