Sunday, August 9, 2015

Remembering Nagasaki....and other stories.

Today's thoughts are a collage. Here I go:-

 (a) Remembering Nagasaki.

       70 years back at 2' past 11 AM this day, the second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki by a
       US aircraft. The catastrophe that unfolded was unbelievable - death, destruction and untold                  misery, that continues even to this day, is testimony to the horrors of nuclear war.

       My tears and prayers for the millions of Japanese who suffered and continue to suffer from the
       after effects.

       Mankind has still not learnt its lessons. Countries continue to stockpile deadly nuclear weapons
       in their arsenal, with Pakistan piling up their armoury on a 'hate-India' foundation that has an              ominous foreboding!

  (b) A day full of guests.

       Suresh Laxman and Sindhu were with us till afternoon. They left for Palakkad soon after lunch.
       It was nice recalling the times of old and looking forward to the prospect of meeting up yet                  again, later this month at another classmate's daughter's wedding near Pala in Kottayam.

       As we're through with the afternoon siesta, Narayanan and Rema had dropped  by. They'd visited
       us earlier, at the hospital, during Lekha's surgery and had gone abroad on a short visit to their
       folks. Their experiences of the journey were interesting and even after two hours, there seemed
       to be a lot more to be recounted! They left us, to be in time for their evening 'darshan' at the

       The farmhand, Pushpakaran, had come by after a break of about three weeks. Despite it being a
       Sunday, he went about tending the kitchen garden and completed a few jobs that were long
       pending. Damn sweet of him.

  (c) Achu at Bangalore.

       My nephew, who'd one more month of training at Perundurai near Salem, had been asked to
       join his company's new production unit at Bangalore. He's since moved there and settled down
       in an apartment with another friend of his from the office. He seems to be excited about being
       part of the production team after his tenure with the 'Quality Control' team.

       His parents are, however, sad because his weekend visits have come to an end!


A fairly interesting week, this!

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