Monday, August 17, 2015

Chingam onnu.

The beginning of the onam month. Guruvayur had a huge crowd visiting it on the occasion as the wedding muhurats have begun all over again after a gap of one month. So the crowd today was vastly different from say, last month, when there was this continuous stream of pilgrims to do the 'parikrama' of the four temples that had the deities of the Ramayana heroes viz. Sri Ram, Bharath, Laxman and Shatrughnan.

            *                                   *                                      *

I'd gone to the town to tie up a few things before the early morning trip to Kochi and onward, to Kayamkulam which is a distance of about 225 km. Mom's appointment with the doctor was reconfirmed and packing was completed to avoid missing of things or last minute panic trying to locate the untraceable! Her medical file and the latest path lab reports have already been put in the Chevy.

            *                                    *                                      *

The Quarterdeck was shut down, in steps, with the windows being closed and bolted, first. The postman was, earlier, told about our short absence and to keep a registered letter of mine safe with him till I return. It's a new cheque book which would, otherwise, unnecessarily, return to the sender making a trip to the bank mandatory. The newspaper boy was also informed about our move.

            *                                     *                                     *

It's gonna be the first long distance trip for Lekha after her surgery. Her doctor has cleared it with the rider that the foot should be swathed in a crepe bandage while moving outdoors. The airlines has already obliged us by making her a wheelchair patient.....thankfully, she wouldn't have to walk distances within the terminals.

            *                                      *                                    *

Sleep is hard to come by....... and the alarm has been set to go off at 0400h!


Rest on reaching the destination seems to be the only antidote. Meanwhile, my nephew - younger to the one who's gonna get engaged - has informed that the entertainment programme for the family was shaping up well. That's the one thing that I'm looking forward to, the most! 

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