Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is how our youth fritter away their valuable time.

An uncut story.

"Najib(aged 23) had gone to the cinema to see the new release on Friday, the 23rd. At the ticket counter, he'd an altercation with another group when he was seriously injured due to stab wounds and was admitted in the government hospital, nearby. Sometime late this evening, the group had returned to deal with Najib, yet again and wounded him grievously. 

In a precarious condition, he was shifted to a private hospital at Thrissur immediately but the doctors could not save him. He passed away, not long after.

My take.

I've the following queries to the perpetrators of the heinous crime:-

   (a) Is the value of a movie ticket equal to a human life?
   (b) What was it that angered you so much that you decided to take his life?
   (c) Do you think you'll be able to lead a normal life hereafter after being branded 'killers'?
   (d) In the process, haven't you let down your families?
   (e) And to your families, I've only one thing to ask, "Is this the value system that you've brought
        up your kids with?"

The local population says that such altercations are rampant between groups every Friday, when a new film is released. Perhaps, it stems from a sense of achievement to see a new movie on the releasing day, itself or perhaps, even the first show of the first day! This, simply, means that well meaning people have let it happen, fearing either of the two:-

     (a) Repercussions from the warring groups.
     (b) A couldn't-care-less attitude as it does not affect me or my near and dear.

The youth is precious in the process of nation building. They're the leaders of the morrow and any loss of that resource is unacceptable for the country. And above all, it should be the endeavour of every family that they bring up this important resource correctly with the nicest sense of personal values, honour and exemplary behaviour!

Is it asking for too much?


Almost simultaneously comes the news that in the garb of onam celebrations in two professional colleges of the state, the proceedings had gotten out of hand when a girl student lost her life in one and all limits of propriety were transgressed in the second, with the authorities becoming mute spectators, fearing reprisals!

Whither the youth of Kerala? We must have the guts to tell the youngsters that they're wrong when they're, without fear of backlash!  


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