Saturday, August 22, 2015

Through the maze of Pune's traffic.

It's a leisurely morning and we went about our chores as usual. Then tragedy struck as the vehicle that was meant to be ferry us to the RSI wasn't available as it had been diverted for another purpose. Ultimately, the host himself had to come and fetch us.

The lunch was hurried through as the cab on hire had come on the dot. The chocobar and the gulabjamuns had to be forgotten as we couldn't get the driver to wait for us for long. We're off westwards, towards Wakad to meet my cousin, Rajasree, who'd undergone a kidney transplant last week. It was an emotional meeting as she looked frail and thin after the tormenting experience. Weeks of dialysis coupled with the surgery seem to have taken its toll. The family has rented a house in one of the housing colonies to facilitate reviews by her doctor.

But she was chirpy and went through her experience in a matter-of-fact way. I've, by now, developed a harsh cough and had no intention of passing it on to the poor thing. So, I kept myself the farthest from her so that she did not contract the infection. I thought that our visit had pepped her up or am I fishing for compliments? Meanwhile, my niece and a budding homeopath had made a good mug of ginger-laced-tea to soothe my throat - damn sweet of her!

And then, we'd kicked off eastward for the long haul to Kharadi on the Hadapsar bypass. That was where Jyothisree, the kid sister of Rajasree who'd donated her kidney, was staying. Her brother-in-law and a dentist, lives with his family there. It was yet another emotional meeting and I could only tell her that she has become my inspiration on sibling love and affection. She's in her mid thirties and had gently put pressure on the family to come around to her wish of donating the kidney!

She was the last person to whom I said my bye before leaving and I saw tears in her eyes caused by my verbal calisthenics and as I held her to kiss her forehead, she clung on to me as if for dear life. For a moment, time stood still and I wonder as to how long we'd stayed in that position and I quickly went towards the lift hiding the hint of tears in my eyes.


(a) The Wakad to Kharadi journey was undertaken through the outer highway heading towards the airport to cut in at the appropriate point so that we could avoid the persistent traffic snarl on the short route. I opted for the driver's suggestion without a second thought and realised that he was right all the way.
(b) Jyothi and family leave for New Jersey on the 27th. She's performed her duty and is returning to continue with life as though nothing has happened......I'm proud to be her brother!  


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