Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some stories!

Here are some interesting news bytes that makes one wonder about the ways of the world. Let's take a few.

 (a) The copy cat.

        I pity IG TJ Jose for his sorry plight. He was caught copying in the LLM examination conducted
        by the MG University from the pieces of paper found on his person. He was caught copying by
        the invigilator at St Paul's College, Kalamasserry, half an hour into the annual examination on
        Constitutional Law, in the 'off campus mode' during May, this year. He refused to hand over the
        material, used for copying, to the invigilator.

        A syndicate sub-committee of the university has found him guilty and follow up action will be
        taken. Sad, because of the following:-

                   (a) for him continuing in uniform. He should have resigned forthwith.
                   (b) why did a man of his professional stature stoop so low? Passing in the examination is
                         no big deal, especially if one isn't prepared.

  (b) The fugitive.             
         Dayanidhi Maran, former union telecom minister, has to court arrest for allegedly installing
         a mini telephone exchange at his residence to upload data for Sun TV, owned by his brother.
         A bench of the Madras High Court had quashed his anticipatory bail and he has now, rushed to
         the Supreme Court for succour.

         The CBI had started preliminary inquiry in '11 and registered an FIR in '13. Though he                        attended the inquiry sessions, he'd evaded presenting himself before the CBI subsequently,
         armed with an anticipatory bail which has been quashed now consequent to the agency                        reporting about his misdemeanour.

         How come such guys play with legal procedures? I, for one, can never forget his arrogance
         on becoming the telecom minister. He'd the audacity to keep the late Justice Krishna Iyer
         waiting on a telephone line for more than half an hour! I'd gone to meet him on the issuing
         of the commemorative stamp of PN Panicker by the P&T.


The IS has got high hopes. It plans to take control of west Asia, north Africa, swathes of the Indian subcontinent and parts of Europe, within the next five years to complete its caliphate. It will also cover areas from Spain in the west to China in the east.

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