Thursday, April 6, 2017

A hotchpotch.

1. Finally, the GST is Through.

    The Parliament passed four legislations to pave the way for the roll out of the historic Goods and
    Services Tax(GST) from 01 Jul. The bills were returned by the Rajya Sabha after the negation of a
    host of amendments moved by the opposition parties. The Lok Sabha had passed these bills on 29
    Mar. All the states will now have to pass the States GST Bill after which the new indirect tax
    regime - common for the entire country - can be rolled out.

    In the Rajya Sabha, it was the consensus brought about by the former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh,
    that saw the Congress drop all the amendments that individual members had given notice of earlier,
    on the appeal of the Finance Minister that any amendment moved will have to go back to the GST
    Council, inviting a further delay in the roll out. The CPM and the Trinamool Congress, however,
    stuck to their amendments which were outvoted, though.

    A rare show of spirit of accommodation and camaraderie in the legislature for a national cause!

2. Vasundhara Raje Needs to Buck Up.

    Pehlu Khan, 50, was brutally beaten up by a gang of cow vigilantes in the Alwar district of
    Rajasthan last Saturday while transporting cows. He later succumbed to his injuries on Monday
    night. It's a bad show, Ms. Scindhia! These guys must be rounded up and tried for murder, nothing
    less because they've no right to:-
           (a) snuff another life and
           (b) to take the law into their own hands!

    Madam Chief Minister, let's see a positive action, on the issue from you, forthwith!

3. The Chief Minister Explains at a Campaign Rally.

     The chief minister had tried to explain to the people as to what all have been done by the
     government in the Jishnu Pranoy case, at one of the election rallies at Malappuram, raising
     more questions on the issue. A few points that need to be noted are:-

         (a) The good that a government does must be spoken about by the others/the beneficiaries
               rather than by the chief minister or his ministers.
         (b) By resorting to such a thing, he should have ensured that he spoke the truth. Here,
               taking the help of the television grabs he'd said that the police never dragged Jishnu's
               mother nor manhandled anybody from the family. Soon after his utterances, the arguments
               have been countered by the victim and some of the 'television grabs' themselves! His
               credibility is the factor at stake.
         (c) A quick acceptance of the police excesses and an apology were all that's necessary, the
               people concerned would have only been willing to forgive and forget.


The ugly spat between the Indian Tennis players, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi in the
selection of the country's Davis Cup team for the match against Uzbekistan once again, brings to the fore the petty egos that play with scant regard to national feelings! .........In this case, I must concede that I'm on Leander's side!!  


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