Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Major Gogoi, you're my hero!

On 09 Apr a mob of 900 civilians charged towards a polling booth, at Budgam near Srinagar, to prevent people from voting. Not only did they've stones to pelt but they, even, used boulders and rocks to disrupt the electioneering. And the strength of the personnel at the booth? :-

    (a) 12 election officials and
    (b)  9 personnel drawn from the ITBP, J&K Police and the Indian Army!

Seeing that they're heavily outnumbered, one of them called up the Army's Station Commander for additional manpower to overpower the increasingly belligerent group of stone pelters. A Quick Reaction Team, under Major Leetul Gogoi, was promptly sent to the scene. A quick appreciation of the situation, by the young officer, told him that he'd only two options viz.:-

     (a) Open fire on the mob, resulting in a bloodbath.
     (b) Carry out an innovative technique to forestall the situation from getting out of hand.

The team managed to pounce upon one of the stone pelters - Farooq Dar(The guy has since become famous saying that he was always pro-India and had voted in every election, as though he was doing us one hell of a favour!) - and after tying him to the bonnet of their jeep, dashed into the polling booth and rescued the stranded personnel. The timid mob just froze and stood flummoxed, watching a young man who showed courage and presence of mind by avoiding a great tragedy and thereby exhibited his love for his country. A true leader!

It's against this courageous act that a section of the media, the separatists and the J&K politicians have had the gall to condemn. Hey, you misguided idiots, try to assimilate the invaluable lesson that the young Major has taught you, without remuneration!

My salute to you, Major Leethul Gogoi. You're my hero! May god be with you in your endeavour!! 

The crooked and the villains have tried to tarnish your exemplary leadership by painting you a villain of the piece. Fear not, for, you'll come out of it unscathed because what you did was honourable!.....And the people of J&K must behave and don't bite the hand that nourishes them.


Today, I couldn't believe what I saw in one of the Malayalam television channels. It was the finale of a programme called, 'Tararaja, Tararani'. The actors that had made to the final three of the Tararaja were the late Sathyan, Mammootty and Mohanlal. Sure enough, the winner was none other than Mohanlal.

I found this programme to be absolutely ludicrous for the following reasons:-
     (a) No competition is ethical or right between the dead and the living.
     (b) The late Sathyan has a unique place in the annals of Malayalam Cinema. That can neither
           be trifled with nor substituted.
     (c) Mohanlal is a fine actor and he's my favourite too but for heavens' sake don't deify him.
           Don't put him on a pedestal.
     (d) The run up towards the final positions was made through online voting which is totally
           unreliable because of the methods resorted to by the fan following of the stars! It has been
           proved to be bogus, many a time, due to multiple voting by individuals!!

And having said this much, I wouldn't like to go any further and say anything about the 'Tararani'.

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