Saturday, April 15, 2017

Checking all arrangements.

The day had begun as usual with me cleaning up the Chevy with the dew that had fallen on its roof and the bonnet. The first guy who'd come by was Vijayan, who was making a bid for the 'pandal' arrangements for the pre-wedding reception PM 20 May. He has been shortlisted on two counts viz.:-

      (a) He's a local guy and
      (b) I didn't want people to think that I was getting outsiders(?) for getting my job done. Yes, here
            people frown upon avoidance of local talent however below par they are in your assessment.
            A kind of cultural restriction/ostracism!

Since Padmakumar and Rema were getting late, Lekha was off to the Siva temple at Kottarakkara for
the 'Mrityunjaya homam' for which she'd done the bookings yesterday! Soon after, we set off for Kottarakkara to review the hotel bookings for the guests. The rooms were okay - the rest rooms, in particular - and they were told of the specific requirements after the arrival of the guests, PM 20 May till their departure twenty four hours later. Lekha had joined us when we're at the first of the three selected places.

We, then, went off to Kunnicode so that Mini could do her personal work. At the Village Office, we went about making the bid for a 'legal heirship certificate' for the bank, that had my mom's pension account, to hand over the arrears to us from her account. It's gonna be a three month procedure when the gazette finally will notify that I and my sisters are mom's children! Ridiculous, to say the least. Anyways, the task has been initiated. Phew!!

Rema and Padmakumar were dropped at Pidavoor and Mini and us had returned to Raj Nivas. A quick lunch, a short siesta and we're off to Ayoor, to drop Mini at Sanil's place. For the next three days, she will be going about the invitation process - the friends and relatives of Sanil's family. It was on reaching there that we came to know of Sanil's mom's hospitalisation - earlier in the day - because of an erratic ECG. Since she was in the critical care, we couldn't get to see her but her doctor had told us that her parameters were under control but insisted that she should be in the hospital for a couple of days!

The both of us were back home much before sunset. Unni, the local contractor, had dropped by and he was asked to initiate the repair/replacement work in the house by next week. Painting can only be done after that. The rest of the evening saw us packing our stuff for an early morning get away to Guruvayur.


1. A labourer was at work on the rubber plantation righting the tender rubber trees - from droops/bends thanks to the strong breeze - with the help of two sets of stay wires on each. Of the 143 trees, 6 have withered away in the summer's heat. They've to be replaced with similar vintage trees once the rain begins to fall next month.
2. Another round of weeding out the wild grass around Raj Nivas has to be undertaken before the 21st of May.
3. I'd also wanted to wash down the well but people have advised me against it as a few had stopped getting fresh infusions subsequent to the cleaning and have gone dry!  


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