Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At Kochi.

We'd got up at a half past 4, gone through our chores and were off on our journey by about a 20' to 7. The traffic was not heavy but we saw three accidents enroute. The first was a silver coloured Wagon R that was trying to overtake a lorry when there, actually, wasn't any space as three vehicles were coming from the opposite side. Luckily for him, the first guy from the opposite side was a taxiwallah, who maneuvered his car well and avoided a headlong collision!

The Wagon R driver instinctively edged closer to the lorry that he was overtaking and in the process, touched his left bumper with the lorry. The uncouth guy put the blame on the lorry driver and was trying to stall traffic when I'd to shout him out of my way, asking him to get well clear off the road and sort out his issues, if any, but I added that he was in the wrong. There was an electrifying effect and he gave me adequate clearance immediately but I realised that he was gonna slug it out with the lorry driver.

Barely 10 kms after, there was a bad accident between a fully laden truck and and an overstuffed pick up truck and from the state of the two vehicles, the drivers seem to have taken direct hits and my estimate was that it was too difficult to say whether they'd have survived after such an impact! It must have happened sometime in the wee hours of the morning!!

We fetched up at Leela chittamma's house by a quarter to 9 where we'd a sumptuous breakfast of idlis with three varieties of chutney. After handing over Ammu's wedding card and inviting them for the wedding, we'd dropped Shalini, my cousin's wife, at her workplace and wasn't she thrilled? She introduced us to many of her friends.... it seemed as though she has placed us on a pedestal! Damn sweet of her!! Earlier before leaving the house, I'd handed over the 'Vishukkaineettam' to the children and Shalini, as per traditions.

We, then, went through our usual routine of me and the Chevy parked comfortably under the shade of a tree at Panampilli Nagar while Lekha had gone for a few purchases. She'd returned by about 1 and by then, I'd browsed the mail and sent replies to a few. We, then, headed straight for my cousin's house. The invitations were handed over, 'vishukkaineettam' handed over to the two girls who'd prepared our lunch and it was quite satisfying to see them happy.

The next visits were to Lekhsmi's and Kannan's, long interactions and by about a half past 5, we'd fetched up at Lekha's Rajan chittappan's house, at Vennala, the last destination for the day. The invitation was formally handed over, caught up from where we'd left last and soon they're driving us to my cousin's place where I'd parked the Chevy in the afternoon and the subsequent ferries were by the Uber taxi service.

We're at my friend's place by about a half past 8. Since Jojy and Saly were away attending a mass in church it was their daughter-in-law, Mili and li'l Shanaya who'd looked after us. The churchgoers returned close to midnight and we'd gone yakkitiyakking for a while turning in for the night.


It was indeed a long but could do everything that we'd planned earlier. And that was satisfying!


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