Saturday, April 8, 2017

China gets its own medicine?

1. What Perfect Timing!

Looking back into Trump's action of sending 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into the Syrian airport, from where the chemical attacks were carried out, it has given China a taste of its own medicine. Its President was in the US, on a state visit, when Trump had ordered the attacks. Must have been terribly embarrassing for the former!

China had done this on the Indian leadership on two occasions and had sat smug, watching the Indian leadership going through the discomfort. It serves them right!

2. A Massive Lie is Being Propagated.

Despite Jishnu Pranoy's family members' versions of the turn of events at the gates of the DGP's office and the tell tale television grabs, there's a massive attempt by the government and the CPM to give it their twist. A half page advertisement by the state's public relations' department on all the newspapers, of the day, giving the government's support to the family and its version of the incidents followed by Prakash Karat endorsing the government's actions, thus far, had three quick fall outs viz.:-

     (a) VS Achuthanandan's support to Jishnu Pranoy's family was muted.
     (b) MA Baby's earlier stand altered to fall in line with the party's stand and
     (c) The CPI leader, Kanam Rajendran's watered down statements compared to his earlier ones.

Was it being done to contain the tremendous damage to the government's credibility, among its cadre, at the Malappuram bypoll? And in the process, harass the ex-personal staff of VS Achuthanandan, KM Shahjahan, who'd filed for a speedy trial of the SNC Lavalin case which alleges Pinarayi Vijayan's involvement in causing loss to the state's exchequer?

3. The Buying of Votes.

Income Tax sleuths have unearthed a racket wherein the Sasikal-faction of the AIADMK has distributed money @ Rs.4,000/- to the public to vote for it. Are the others' free of this virus? Only time will tell!

In a democracy, corruption begins at the time of elections which is the biggest irony of them all!


Our guests who'd fetched up last night were off to Kozhikode by lunchtime. The heat is getting to be unbearable!   

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