Sunday, April 2, 2017

Aren't we pushing it a bit too far?

The Supreme Court has passed a judgement that all liquor vends, including star hotels with bars need to be kept at least 500 mts away from highways. A super decision owing to the following:-

       (a) Ever increasing loss of lives on the highways and main thoroughfares due to drunken
       (b) Trafficking of illicit and spurious liquor that also claims lives periodically.
       (c) The control of the Excise Department regarding the handling and distribution of liquor
             to the public is abysmally poor.
       (d) The liquor mafia seems to have a massive hold of everything connected to this industry.

But what worries me are the following factors:-

       (a) Total prohibition is but a 'Utopian' dream because it has never succeeded and it's not difficult
             to list out the reasons:-
             (i) social drinking is accepted in any society.
            (ii) if liquor is not easily available, the diehard goes for illicit brewing and spurious liquor
                  that can affect their health, even be the cause of death!
           (iii) a guy who does hard labour would like to have a tot or two to forget his worries about
                  the aches and the pains, at the end of the day.
           (iv) what bewilders him is that those who can afford it imbibes the choicest bubbly as and
                  he feels like it.
       (b) By bringing about restrictions, the government is gonna lose valuable revenue into its
             coffers and it has no other source of income to overcome this loss.
       (c) Will its excise and police departments be able to monitor and prevent the making and selling
             of illicit/spurious liquor?
       (d) What prevents drug peddlers from gaining an upper hand?

It's my firm opinion that the lawmakers must sit together and find out a durable solution. Instead of prohibition, what must be emphasised should be as to how control in the consumption of liquor can be brought about through sustained propaganda and education. For this, the government must make use of the numerous NGOs to popularise the idea.

There are a few incorrigibles, however, who need harsh treatment which must be given without hesitation.


The evening walk was towards the temple as I'd to collect an eye ointment from the 'Medicare'. Did the 'parikrama' of the temple on my return!

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