Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Churlishness in diplomacy!

China has done it yet again! For a while it had made a lot of noise and let it be known to the Indian government that allowing a Dalai Lama visit into Arunachal Pradesh would incur its displeasure. The government, following a refreshing change from the past, did not buckle and saw the spiritual leader's visit go through without glitches. The people had welcomed Dalai Lama with unrestrained enthusiasm and during the visit, he'd underlined the fact that China was hoodwinking its own people about Tibetan aspirations and spreading false stories about him.

Well, China has hit back at India and see the churlishness. While calling Arunachal Pradesh, South Tibet, it has gone and given Chinese names to six places of Arunachal Pradesh viz. Vogyanling, Millary, Khoydengarbo Ri, Meinkyuka, Bumo la and Naam Kaapab Ri but has stopped short from identifying them with the present nomenclatures of places! It seems to know that the act could be termed an 'aggression' and that it could lose its face in case of a face off!!

And it considers itself a superpower! Is it, really, with such churlish actions? It seems to be having problems with everyone and for sure, everyone can't be wrong!

Similarly, Pakistan had refused consular access to Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav thirteen times and has now rescheduled a meeting of the Indian High Commissioner with its Foreign Secretary, over the issue. The date is yet to be announced! Nothing much is expected of that country in terms of a fair outlook as the cornerstone to its foreign policy is a virulent anti-India stance!

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Prime Minister Modi has taken yet another step in moulding this country's attitude. The VVIP culture of displaying red beacons on vehicles will become a thing of the past from 01 May. Let's hope that the culture of 'pompous, self imposed importance', cultivated by the average Indian, will recede in due course of time.


Our plans of attending a course get together had to be quashed for the following reasons:-

      (a) to participate in the 10 day 'yatra', the Foundation is undertaking in the Thiruvananthapuram
           district, as part of its push towards digital literacy. The Science Exploratory will be in
      (b) Lekha wasn't very keen to go because of the workload regarding Ammu's wedding

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