Friday, April 14, 2017

Vishu '17.

I'd got up around a quarter past 3 and after a quick wash, lit the lamp in the puja room and helped Mini and Lekha from their beds - with closed eyes - to the puja room to view the 'Vishukkani'. We hit the sack soon after to get up later at 6, as usual.

Lekha was off to the Ganapathi kshetram at 9, by an autorickshaw fully knowing that the place would be crowded as the day was auspicious. She'd insisted on doing the trip because the ticket for the 'Mrityunjaya homam' tomorrow - for my sake - had to be arranged. The tentwallah, who was supposed to come by 10 AM, ditched me royally and I could only swallow bitter bile for his lack of responsibility.

It was a late lunch, followed by the arrival of our man after two 'false starts'. Padmakumar and Rema were called to come by for the discussions and Achu had made sure that they were at our place with the least amount of delay. Our requirements were put across, serial wise, and the team consisting of Ajib and Shafeek gave us the details of what they'd be providing while we noted down the list of items that had to be managed by us. The rough financial estimates were jotted down while we gave the outline of the stage, the accompanying decorations and the menus for the previous evening's reception dinner at Raj Nivas, the next morning's breakfast for our close relatives who'd be staying along with us and the ceremonial lunch, soon after the wedding.

We'd, then, gone to Pidavoor to look up Padmakumar's mother who was recently hospitalised for congestion of the lungs and low blood pressure. She looked much better after the feedback that we'd got about her medical state last week. Interacting with her is always a pleasure and our feelings for each other are mutual. She looks frail, but at 90 years, she's robust and nimble footed. She insisted on taking me around the recently renovated house.

We reached back by about 7 PM and as I was going around the house to unlock the rear door, a black snake had crossed my path. I froze at its mere sight as I'm deadly scared of the species. Once indoors, it was back to yakkitiyaking between the three of us.........Tomorrow's gonna be another long day!


During the forenoon, two reps of a popular jewellery shop of Kottarakkara, had dropped by to ascertain from us as to whether we were interested in buying new jewellery for the bride. News really spreads fairly quick and I'd to state the obvious that we'd no such intentions! They went back, but before leaving, expressed their appreciation of the frank conversation that I'd with them. Damn sweet of them and I've invited them for the wedding.  

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