Friday, April 21, 2017

Off to Thiruvananthapuram.

The day had begun at 5 and Lekha had gone down to the kitchen to rustle up breakfast and lunch for me. Anto had come around promptly at a quarter past 6 and I was in the train well in time with three adjuncts. The erstwhile upper class waiting room has been air conditioned and converted into a waiting room that's available to everyone on payment @ Rs.20/- per hour.

There are visible changes that are coming around in the Indian Railways and as I see them there's an attitudinal change that's coming in. It augurs well for the customer - the regular Indian passenger!

Paulson had got my reservation in the normal chair car, but somehow I didn't find it comfortable. Moreover, my back was giving me a discomfort that was all pervading. In addition to it, Malu, my cousin, was travelling in the adjoining coach with her daughter. Earlier, her parents had given me a frantic call saying that their daughter was having a severe back pain and to provide her all possible help. I, therefore, shuttled between the two coaches a couple of times but her li'l daughter just wouldn't come to me. But her statement, "Chetta, your mere presence has made things okay for me".

Meanwhile, I was able to get a seat in the a/c chair car and had shifted at Ernakulam Town. Malu was handed over safely to her dad at Kottayam and the journey had gone off uneventfully, thereafter. Maman had sent the car to the station and within no time I was headed for the Raj Bhavan, for the Governor's flagging off of our 'Digi Gaon Yatra'. Meanwhile, I'd invited the entire staff of the Foundation for Ammu's wedding saying that it was their presence that I needed and no presents were expected!

The flagging off ceremony was a short yet sweet affair. It has always been a nice experience to interact with the Governor and this evening's affair was no different.

Meanwhile, Lekha had reached Palakkad later than usual as her bus was diverted from the main track. We're at Maman's place late in the evening after the spadework for tomorrow's interaction was put in place.


(a) It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
(b) Meanwhile, reports and photographs from the Goa get together of our course mates have been flooding our What'sApp site!      

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