Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 2 at Vithura panchayat.

Was awake at 4 as it had happened yesterday and I said my prayers, drifting to another session of sleep soon after. Maman and I were off from the house by 8 and reached the Foundation but we went our different ways as was planned yesterday. He'd gone to set the ball rolling with regard to the 'brassiere making unit' at our unit at Chathannur and I'd gone eastward to continue with the 'yatra', initiated at Vithura, yesterday.

But before I could head for my destination, I'd to drop a guest of ours - the genial cardiologist, Pankaj Srivastava from Lucknow - at the airport. Consequently, we're at our designated place for the first of the three roadshows by 12. The crowd began to trickle throughout the three hours that we're there and sometime in between, we'd a quick bite of lunch. The next two junctions saw more crowds, comparatively and we, finally, wound up at a half past 5.

The panchayat officials blamed the low turnout due to general laziness that prevail on Sundays, when people usually prefer to stay indoors but what I've observed within these two days, about them, make me happy, which are:-

    (a) The majority of the people who've visited our mobile science exploratory are health conscious.
    (b) They are of robust health(Introducing them to the salient aspects of telemedicine, there are
          facilities within, that provide individuals with instant blood pressure and blood sugar readings.
          But we've restricted it to a few as the main aim of our 'yatra' is to educate the people as I'd said
          in my note of yesterday).

Met an interesting youngster - Abhay, from Shimoga of Karnataka - who'd doing a three year course in the Research and Science Institute within the vicinity. His father works in the BSNL while his mom is a teacher and he's their only son. He dreams of making 'quantum computers' and I was quite glad to hear about his firm resolve. At the end of our interaction, he insisted on taking a 'selfie' with yours truly that tickled me no end!

The journey took less time because for some reason, the return traffic from the hill station, Ponmudi, wasn't heavy.


Maman was off to Delhi by the 6 PM flight.       

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