Sunday, April 16, 2017

Journey on an Easter Sunday.

The day had begun at 4 AM, we went through the chores and were able to leave Raj Nivas by a 4' past 6. We reached the Kalpakavadi Inn by a half past 7 and an ever smiling Bhadran looked after us in his customary style. I also gave him an invite for my niece's wedding next month. After spending about half an hour out there, we're back again on the road.

The highway was comparatively sparse, traffic wise and we're at Thrissur by about a half past 11. At Guruvayur, Lekha had picked up a few things before we went in for lunch at our old haunt, the Gokulam Sabari. It was like old times when we used to come down on weekends from Kochi, to oversee the progress of work on 'The Quarterdeck'. The staff knew us and they looked after us in their inimitable style.

The opening up of the house, unpacking and finally catching up on siesta were the subsequent activities. Into a few minutes of my sleep, Lekha'd called up to ask me as to where I'd placed my wedding band as she didn't find it in the usual place where I placed it. A rewind of my activities after arrival was required and then I'd checked in the pocket of the trouser that was spinning away in the washing machine. Sure enough, it was there......blame it on my forgetfulness!

In the bargain, my sleep had vanished and I, then, went through the day's happenings on the net. For the last few days we've been missing out on the television viewing as the system at home couldn't be revived due to the rain on the day we'd fetched up followed by the spate of holidays, thereafter. The walk in the evening was refreshing and it helped me shake up the lethargy of no physical activity all these days.

Earlier, I'd spoken to Reshmi to inquire about Suresh's medical condition. The hiccups, the throwing up continue unabated - the doctors attending on him are biding their time to take action as they are of the opinion that it's an allergy to the morphine that's being pumped into him to keep him immune to the pain. However over the last couple of days, he's been complaining of the pain that emanates from the point of surgery and creeps into the ear. My cousin is by his side all through and I pity her plight as she takes in these difficult sights while the rest of us are going about doing our respective work, not knowing as to how we could alleviate her difficulty!


1. Tomorrow their son, Kripashankar along with his grandmother, will fetch up at Kochi in the evening. His presence should lighten up Suresh and many of his aches and pain will, I'm sure, vanish consequently!
2. I'm damn annoyed by the waywardness of the nursing staff in looking after the patients under their charge, the exorbitant charges notwithstanding!
3. Achu, Rema and Padmakumar had started from Pidavoor, after an early lunch, for Palakkad. They'd to drive through heavy traffic thanks to the people returning to their destinations after the long weekend! The roads were clogged with heavy traffic, it seems.  

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