Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 8 at Pangode panchayat.

Sleep was passe by 4, recited my prayers and I drifted to sleep only to hear Ammayi calling out to me, saying that the time was 5. The chores were gone through and I was ready well before a half past 7, when I saw Alex cleaning the Qualis. Maman, too, had come out to see me off along with Ammayi and Chambu, who was supposed to have come along with me today but had dropped the idea as he'd a bad bout of sneezing! Maman, incidentally, had returned from New Delhi at about a half past 1!!

Komalam was already at the Foundation as she'd reached 5' earlier than us and we set off for Pangode panchayat soon after. Had picked up Aji and his son, Anto, from Chullimanoor and reached our destination by a half past 9. To while away time, we'd stopped at a wayside stall for tea, just beyond the panchayat's premises!

The panchayat, however, was slowly building up with people and it took about a quarter to 11 for the quorum to be completed within the roofed hall atop the building. Geetha, the Panchayat President draped a shawl around me during the welcome and soon after, I'd given the overview of the e-literacy campaign, that was the aim of the 'yatra'. And consequently, the people were taken into the Exploratory for seeing the exhibition.

After a quick bite of lunch at the canteen within the premises, we're on our next halt in front of the mosque where Javed Musaliar was in action to receive us and see through the crowd management during the conduct of the road show. What impressed me about Javed was that he has many facets to his personality, in that, to his fundamental job of being the cleric, he indulged in coin collection - he did show us his rare collections - sale of 'attar' and collection of antiques and as we bade good bye, he'd put forth a special request to help him pick up a vintage gramophone!

We're, then, off to the Bharathannoor LPS, where there was a steady stream of camera clicks and selfies with yours truly and I felt truly humbled. Princy, who'd worked with my grandfather on the literacy campaign trail, was at hand with joyous tears streaming down her cheeks.

The last two road shows were equally spectacular with good attendance, with the ward member, a retired Subedar from the CRPF, Shri Ramachandran Nair gave me an immaculate salute as we drove off, his dhoti and bush shirt, notwithstanding. Nirmala, again a KANFED(Kerala Association for Non Formal Education) worker with Muthachhan, hugged me for being my grandfather's grandson!

We'd wound up by a quarter past 6 and parked the Exploratory in the courtyard of the police station, after taking the senior's permission. It was on our return that everyone said that they'd miss my company as I leave for Kollam for the Board meeting of the Jan Shikshan Sansthan and my onward journey by the Guruvayur Intercity Express by 1825 hrs tomorrow.

I'd given a debrief to Maman about the past week plus with Aji and Komalam in tow, on reaching the Foundation. Earlier, I'd streamlined the activities of tomorrow and cleared all the bottlenecks so that Maman did not have anything to bother.


Our return was with a call on Indira Kunjamma. Suresh and Reshmi were back after the former's discharge from the Amritha hospital, the day before yesterday. Suresh looks relieved, now that he has returned home, but has lost a lot of weight! Reached home by 10 and sleep was late, thanks to the work that I'd to finish.    

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