Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 5 at Kallara panchayat.

Had got up at 4 and recited my prayers, as has become my habit, these days. Drifted off to sleep, soon after, only to get up by 6. Went through my chores and had deliberately left home at a half past 8 along with Chambu, who had to attend his course at 10. Tried to tell Komalam about our being delayed by half an hour but her cellphone was erratic! It was then that my director from JSS, Kollam had called up to say that there was a certificate that needed my signature and had sent it to Lekha last evening and it was to be sent today itself after I'd signed the damn thing!

I'd called up Lekha and she said that she would be arriving soon after but arrived half an hour late and that, too, after Padmakumar! Both of them looked sheepish and I understood as to why Maman keeps saying that his staff comes late, at 10 and secures early in the evening by 4, during his absence. I didn't tell them anything because I wanted them to feel guilty and change their habits, forthwith.

We set for Kallara soon after and it was then that the co-ordinator of our visit called up to say that we must reach there by 1100 hrs as the Panchayat President had organised a gathering of 200 to receive us. I sent the Mobile Science Exploratory from its night parking to cover the delay in my arrival! The President left the conglomeration meant to receive us, soon after, as he'd to attend to another pressing commitment. I could reach the venue only around a half past 11 and it was a poor show on my part.

We'd got off to our task on arrival and could keep the crowd enthralled by what we'd to offer. After a quick bite of lunch within the panchayat premises, we're off for the roadshows at two busy junctions and it was on our return that the elderly Santhakumaran Nair - in his late 70s - had made a beeline to our convoy to meet up with PN Panicker's grandson! He'd met my grandfather, for the first time in early '68, he said and held my hand for a long time, muttering, "I can see Panicker sir in you" and showed me the consequent goose bumps all over his hands. It was humbling! He's a towering personality and I looked too puny in front of him!! That, definitely, was the Kodak moment of the day and he has promised to join up for the first roadshow tomorrow, with me.

By the time we're on our return trip, it was dark and raining. After dropping the others, I'd a small job of buying an extension cord for Chambu for his music system and reached home by a quarter to 9. Another hectic day but it wasn't tiring and I realise that I
'd begun to enjoy my interactions with the people!


1. Never knew that I resembled my grandfather, till was the moment of reckoning and I felt nice!
2. My trail, today, was the same that Muthachhan had taken, way back, in Jun '95 consequent to which he was hospitalised for a massive heart attack that eventually saw him pass into the mist of time.
3. Felt nice to see the thrill on Chambu's face as he listened to his favourite music, after his system was connected, thanks to the extension cord!  

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