Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adieu TK Chandramohanan sir!

My senior at school and an active member of our Old Boys' Association, till recently, succumbed to cancer of his pancreas this evening around 2035 hrs. I wasn't that friendly with him but we used to exchange pleasantries whenever we came across each other. Two years back, while I congratulated him on getting the 'lifetime achievement award' during the old boys' day, he was effusive in his thanks and spoke to me for a while, inquiring about my stay at Guruvayur.

RIP sir. My prayers and tears for TKC, Roll no. 64 as he was popularly known among us schoolfellows. May god give the strength to his family to tide over these difficult times.

     *                         *                           *

The preparation for Ammu's wedding is proceeding at a satisfying pace. Sanil came in from Bangalore this morning at Ayur and he and Mini will go about inviting the guests. Lekha will buy the last of the trousseau, along with Rema, while she's at Palakkad later this week.

     *                         *                           *

Finished up the backlog of work today. It had to be done as I'd be off to Thiruvananthapuram for the week long 'yatra' in the district taking our efforts on e-literacy to the next level. The Science Exploratory will be accompanying us and we hope to enrich the children with the facilities that are being provided at their doorstep.

     *                         *                           *

The 'What'sApp' site of our course mates is all agog with excitement as guys are making a beeline to Goa for the get together. Had the requirement to go for the 'yatra' not been there, we'd have been off by this evening's Rajdhani Express on which we'd reserved earlier and was cancelled this morning by Paulson. One can't get everything, can one?

     *                         *                           *

I'd been, all along, calling Selvam, who periodically comes for pressing the clothes, as Kumar till now. It was only yesterday that I realised my folly. When I asked him as to why he never corrected me, he smiled and replied that it was nice to hear me call him so! His arrival, this evening, cleared the backlog of clothes that have been piling up and I could get the clothes, that I was to carry along, pressed and ready. Thanks, Selvam!


A quiet day otherwise!

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