Monday, April 17, 2017

Attending a Tamil Brahmin wedding.

The day started off as usual with me going for my customary walk in the morning. It was, then, a race to be in time for the wedding at Thrissur. Lekha was helped with her saree by her assistant, Preetha who'd come in earlier than normal and we set off for the Lulu Convention Center at Puzhakkal by a quarter past 9. The Monday morning traffic was heavy and by the time we'd fetched up at the wedding, it was 10.

Subbu had invited us for his son, Sandeep's wedding with Smrithi. He'd offered the invite to make up for our inability to attend our mutual friend, Savio George's daughter's wedding, this coming weekend, at Chicago. The Tamil Brahmin wedding has a lot of quaint traditions and customs and both Lekha and I concentrated on each step, made clear by the large LED screens at vantage points! The part I found to be the cutest was when the groom took his bride from her dad's lap and then, together, go through the lap of becoming man and wife, chanting mantras, recited by the conducting priest!

The lunch was an elegant spread of the typical Brahmin dishes and I ate myself silly so much so that I was distended by the end of it and could hardly move! We left the venue soon after and was back at 'The Quarterdeck' before 1 o'clock. Santosh Francis, who manages my bank folio, had called up to confirm as to how I wanted my new investment to be, after the maturity of the current one.

In the evening, my aunt and her grandson, had called me up after boarding the train at Thiruvananthapuram on coming to know that they'd forgotten their identity documents at home. My aunt's cute statement that she'd tell the ticket examiner that I'd purchased the tickets tickled me no end. She genuinely believed that by uttering my credentials, the railways would overlook her lapse! Frankly, I must admit that I do not believe in myself to such an extent........Anyways, they were able to perform their journey without hiccups and had reached Ernakulam Junction by a half past 9. They'll visit Suresh, at the Amritha hospital, tomorrow and I'd like to believe that Suresh's present medical difficulties will recede to a considerable extent. The youngster had finished his class X Board exams, earlier in the day.

Lekha's abdominal cramps began around sunset time and she went through severe spasms of pain. Antidotes in the form of Eno and Cyclopam (As prescribed by the doctor) were taken but seemingly, to no avail. She skipped dinner while I'd a bite and we hit the sack at our usual time but not before she'd thrown up everything that was within her in two episodes. Thankfully, she was back to a semblance of normalcy, thereafter!


Invited two of our close relatives to Ammu's wedding. They're gracious in accepting the invite over the telephone and have promised to be there at the wedding. They're Leela chittamma's elder brother who stays at Neyyattinkara and Shalini's mom and elder sister who stay at Thrippoonithura. Damn sweet of them!    

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