Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Getting ready.

I believe that there was a news item in today's vernacular newspapers that power would be interrupted from morning till evening in the light of charging new sections of 110 KV cables that have been newly strung. I'd missed it completely, as usual. Anyways, it went off promptly at a few minutes past 8 only to return at around a half past 5 in the evening....... The heat took charge, thereafter throughout the day, the inverter providing emergency power, notwithstanding.

I'd made a brief foray outdoors for bankwork, to collect a few medicines and to top up our Chevy with fuel and to check its tyre pressure. During the course of doing the work mentioned above, I came across some interesting instances of human behaviour and I'm gonna narrate them here and so, here I go:-

  (a) Was it intentional?

         As is my wont, I neither barge into anyone's office nor do I occupy a chair unless I'm invited
         and offered. At the bank, there were a few customers, more than the normal, especially those
         who're awaiting their turn to get their loan applications cleared against ornaments that were
         provided as surety. Since there weren't any seats available, I kept standing and tried to pass
         the time by browsing through my What'sApp messages that had already started to clutter. A
         while later, I saw the assistant manager whispering to the manager that I'd been waiting for a
         while and that he should look after me, forthwith. Damn sweet of her!

         After my work was over, I found that the manager hadn't returned to his seat and decided to
         wait for him. He'd gone consequent to a telephonic query. On return, finding me waiting for
         him, he seemed to be surprised and I'd to tell him the reason. While one's sitting in an office
         and the incumbent leaves the cubicle/room, it's mandatory that one awaits his return and then,
         take his leave. It's to ensure that he's adequately satisfied that none of the official documents,
         lying unattended on his table have been tampered with!..... I, then, wished him and his staff a
         very happy Vishu and walked out of the bank.

  (b) Are These Messages Hoaxes?

        I'd seen a message on What'sApp warning me that the IOC has issued a warning that in the
        present day heat, all motorists are advised not to fill the fuel tanks of their vehicles full as there
        existed a threat of explosion. I've been sceptic about it because my knowledge of Physics
        couldn't really give me a valid reason. But before topping up the fuel tank, I asked the guy at
        the counter as to whether the bunk had received any 'Dos and Don'ts' from the IOC and he
        gave me a rather quizzical look.

        The gem he gave me was and I quote, "Sir, in this heat, a bit of fuel vaporises and to avoid
        that loss you might take just adequate fuel". Shedding my inhibition, I'd gone ahead and topped
        up my fuel tank for our journey to my parents' house tomorrow. I didn't want to confuse him
        further by telling him that vaporisation happens irrespective of the fuel levels in the tank!  


The Quarterdeck was shut down in phases, Lekha did the packing and I made out the sequence of the activities tomorrow after cross checking with the folks that we're gonna meet tomorrow. It's gonna be a long haul!


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