Friday, April 7, 2017

US military action in Syria and other stories.

1. The Syrian Imbroglio.

59 American Tomahawk missiles destroyed a considerable number of assets of Assad's air force on the Shayrat airfield in Syria. This was in response to the chemical attack carried out by Assad's forces earlier this week drawing prompt criticism from Russia.

Why did Trump order the strikes against his campaign promise of not involving the US armed forces in interventions abroad? Though he has not deployed the 'boots on the ground', military action can be spurred within no time owing to a number of factors. So, why did he do it?

It has always been the case that a government when cornered internally, tries to rustle up an external aggression to deflect public scrutiny and thereby, reduce the pressure. Here, the Trump administration is increasingly under the weather with three simultaneous inquiries going on to find out the truth about the covert Russian involvement in the last Presidential elections to ensure Trump's victory. Increasingly, his key aides are falling off like kingpins as the investigations gather momentum! 

Does he feel that his countrymen have come to the conclusion that he was soft on Putin and the Ruskis implying a past connection? Then, this one action would help wipe away that feeling. Possible, huh!?

2. A New Low in Electioneering.

It was a bizarre sight in the Madras' RK Nagar assembly constituency today when the Panneerselvam faction of the AIADMK took out a rally with a plastic fibre replica of the late Jayalalitha's body in a coffin.

Literally, parading the dead for votes? This is the limit!

It, incidentally, drew support from a section of the people who maintained, "It's very emotional. It reminded us of Amma. We lost her unexpectedly. We'll never forget her".

3. Amazing Ingenuity, But for a Wrong Cause.

Aiswarya Bar, of North Paravur, bypassed the Supreme Court directive that stipulates a distance of 500 mts from national and state highways for liquor vends by building a 250 mt long maze-like walkway.

The beer and wine parlour located around 150 mts away from the NH 17 was closed down on 01 Apr following the Supreme Court ruling. Trust the 'mallu' to come up with such an ingenuous idea!


Why do I get this feeling that this year's national film awards could have been different? I'm no expert but something within me tells that it's a Priyadarshan - he was the chairman of the jury - orchestrated script! Sad!!

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