Thursday, April 13, 2017

At Raj Nivas.

The day had begun at a quarter past 4. We'd to make a quick get away as I wanted to enter the Amritha hospital, look up Suresh and depart without a fuss before parking, at random within the premises, didn't become a problem and the traffic didn't get out of hand.

Suresh looked subdued, wondering as to why he has to go through this phase. The continuous episode of hiccups followed by a few episodes of throwing up had sapped his energy but there was a look of expectancy from this visit of ours. We're there for almost an hour and heard Reshmi's updation of the events passed.....she has gone through hell, poor thing! I wish I'd something solid to give them but alas, there was nothing!!

The journey onward went through without hiccups. Our first halt was at Hotel Mithila, off Aroor, for breakfast. A quick bite and we're back on the road, Isow seeing us off with a smart salute and plenty of smile. We'd also made a halt at our favourite place short of Kayankulam, to shake a leg, go round the corner and to have a cup of coffee with a light snack.

The traversing through the newly laid Bailey's bridge by the army, as an alternate to the crumbling Enathu bridge, was a great experience for Lekha. The flip side was that the vehicles do have to wait for a while as it's a single lane thoroughfare. Lunch was at Kottarakkara and we're amazed at the speed with which the small eatery has developed over a short span of a year and a half. Shows that it's making good profits in business. Good for them!

The wait at Kottarakkara to meet up with the 'tentwallah' turned out to be a fiasco because he was held up somewhere and it began to pour. Having experienced unbearable heat for the past month, the rain was a pleasant yet wet wet unnecessarily. Was really sad that my hand stitched leather sandals got wet in the rain caused puddle that seemed to be almost everywhere and the dish TV guy found a convenient excuse not to visit us in the evening. That source of entertainment, thus, became wishful thinking during this visit, within no time due to the spate of holidays.

Above all that, there was no electricity at our house and though it was restored by sunset there were frequent interruptions, subsequently. Wonder why the state electricity board insists on maintaining the vintage of the system and I've this serious doubt about the present set of guys being professionally competent. There's a reason behind this increasing tendency to take short cuts in problem resolution!

It was yakkitiyak all the way. Mini, my younger sister, joined us a trifle after 4 and Raj Nivas was slowly brought back to life. The caretaker was of a great help in buying knick knacks for setting up the place.


On arrival, I'd made my customary visit to my parents' burial sites to talk to them and apprise them about our programme. The coconut palm on mom's site had withered away in the heat and I felt bad.   

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