Monday, April 10, 2017

Well washing and other stories.

1. Well Washing.

     The annual ritual of washing the well is carried out during the hot summers when the water level
     is low. This morning my neighbour had said that their well was being cleaned, would I also like
     to have their services? Since we didn't have anything happening, I, too, decided to go through the
     rigmarole and finish with it. I've already told our caretaker, looking after my parents' house that 
     I wanted the well, there, to be cleaned during our Vishu stay out there, later this week.

    Before the work was to begin, maximum usage of the water was carried out, including the washing
    down of my Chevy. The overhead tank was filled up with water which was gonna be available for
    the 24 hours after the washing down of the well!

    Mohan and Vijeesh went about their job systematically, pumping out the water with a portable
    motor that they'd brought for the purpose. Our well has nine rings and the mud that had
    accumulated over the past one year was taken out and spread around in our backyard. The well,
    now, looks clean with its sides spruced up! I completely forgot about dumping a bag of rock salt
    and charcoal at the well floor post cleaning and the guilt of having missed out on it shall remain
    till the next year!

    I must confess that I missed the boisterousness of Sarath and his three friends, who'd done the
    job last year! 

2. Sad News from Across the Border.

    Pakistan has done it again. A kangaroo court has awarded the death penalty to Cdr Khulbhushan
    Jadhav on charges of espionage and sabotage activities. He was kidnapped last year from Iran and
    his subsequent presence in Pakistan has never been explained credibly.

    As a navyman myself, my heart goes to his family which has to bear this tragedy and it's good to
    note that the Indian government has called it a premeditated murder and stopped the release of a
    dozen Pakistani prisoners who were to be repatriated on Wednesday after completion of their
    prison term.

    Khulbhushan Jadhav, my prayers and I hope that better sense will prevail upon those tyrants.

3. The Churlish and Unethical Chinese Government.

    China denied any credit for the Indian Navy for rescuing a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates
    in the strategic Gulf of Aden, claiming that its naval ship equipped with a helicopter saved the 19
    member crew. Declining to acknowledge any role for the Indian Navy which said its chopper
    provided the air cover for the Chinese soldiers to enter the Tuvalu flagged ship OS35, the Chinese
    foreign ministry spokesperson said that the air support was provided by the chopper of the Chinese

    I'm pretty sure that the Chinese navymen, who're on the spot, will have another story to tell!


Another day of unbearable heat!

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