Sunday, June 26, 2016

A quiet Sunday.

Had reached home about half an hour after midnight. The first thing that I did notice was that the temple town looked dry after the last few days of heavy rains as I took an auto rickshaw for going home. Incidentally, the ricks are readily available, for hire, as passengers alight late into the night. I'd spoken about the reluctance on the part of the drivers to take passengers over short distances and the reluctant 'thuggery' that was prevalent in the past.

Well, that ugly situation has become a thing of the past. How the turn around was brought about is another story but suffice to understand that all's well that ends well!

I can never forget the happy look on my mom's face, on seeing me, when I'd gone across to wish her in the morning, giving an outsider who'd have seen the exchange to think that I'd been away for a long, long time. After breakfast, I gave a debrief of the entire set of activities during the Vaayana vaaram at Thiruvananthapuram, to mom and Lekha including a few noteworthy interactions with people that included my relatives.

The three men who'd worked on our septic tank during my absence had come by immediately after, for collecting their remaining wages. After I'd handed over their dues, one of them had asked for liquor - he looked addicted to it as he'd those tremors as a result of years of drinking, the emaciated looks, a sunken face and eyes, both red and filmy! And he was reeking of liquor, the after effects of the night's consumption, perhaps!! - to which I'd to give a firm 'nyet', despite the fact that my liquor cabinet was adequately stocked. I was also quite angry with our maid's husband who must have prodded him on but couldn't vent my feelings in the presence of his friends and coworkers.

As the day wore off, I was given a minute-by-minute input on the happenings on the dais, during the evening of the concluding session of the Vaayana vaaram, by my maman, aunts and cousins. Well, we've been able to hold our ground but a lot needs to be done but I'm happy that between me and maman, we've put down a strategy to ensure that the roadblocks are removed/prevented in the days to come. And no, it's not our idea to antagonise anyone in the process!


The evening sky was clear and I'd gone for my customary walk. Well it was nice exercising and sweating it out after over a week!

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