Sunday, June 19, 2016

The 21st Vaayana Dinam.

Today's the 21st Vaayana Dinam and the beginning of the Vaayana Vaaram. Maman, his son, Manu and I left home by 8 and hit straight for the Kanakakkunnu Palace, the venue. The premises were dotted with Muthachan's huge smiling cut outs at vantage points and I really felt proud. There was good coverage on the media - both print and electronic - since morning and the local FM was also covering it well.

The first programme was the All Kerala Quiz and the second was the Painting Competition for all categories of children, against a theme. It was inaugurated by the state's DGP, Loknath Behra who was glad to see such a fantastic crowd on a Sunday morning, so much so, that he gave us company for almost the entire duration of the quiz comp! A sight that I loved was to see my pre-KG niece, Naina, sprawled on the drawing sheet as she freaked out with the colours.

Meanwhile, I was sent on an errand to the Milma plant to augment the refreshments by getting an additional crates of flavoured milk. The journey, up and down, was horrible with bad traffic snarls at two places. But we could still make it within acceptable time limits thanks to some real daredevil driving by Omanakuttan!

After a hurried lunch - we'd it at 3 PM! - the inauguration of the 'Vaayana Vaaram' was done by the honourable Governor, Justice P Sathasivam in a colourful yet simple cereminy. He was thrilled to see politicians across the spectrum at the ceremony and suggested that we should conduct the next Vaayana Vaaram on a much larger scale in a stadium and he'd like to be involved in it! It's gracious of him!! Finally, I'd proposed the vote of thanks which went off okay without glitches.

Then by a half past 6, we're back at the Foundation for a debrief and briefing for day 2 of the Vaayana Vaaram tomorrow.


It was a comparatively early evening. Earlier, at the Foundation, thought of Muthachan at 1923 hrs. That was the time he'd passed into the mist of time, 21 yrs ago. Memories are still afresh.......     

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