Friday, June 10, 2016

The story.

I was aghast at the the 'Breaking Story' on the Times Now channel regarding the overstay of an Indian delegation, consisting of the then top Home Ministry officials, ostensibly as apart of a sinister plot cooked up by the ISI and the Pakistani Army, as the terrorist attack 26/11 on Bombay was being unleashed. The delegation was shifted to Murree, a hill station, in the neighbourhood of Islamabad which had a communication problem. What made me feel worse was the 'we-made-you-absolute-fools type of a smile' on one of the Pakistani panelists on the show, throughout.

I've a lot of queries on the subject. And here I go,

    (a) Can official delegations alter their programme, just like that, while on deputations abroad?
    (b) How did the delegation decide to go to a place that had a communication black out?
    (c) Why was this incident kept under wraps all these years?
    (d) Why do we've to hear the same old story of how the Pakistanis made fools of us?
    (e) What's the necessity of extending a hand of friendship to a country that has never been serious
          in being genuinely friendly with us and does not believe in peaceful coexistence?
    (f) What have we achieved through Track II diplomacy except facilitating a small bunch of people
          to carry out periodic visits to the country with no substantial benefits/returns?
    (g) Why were the other television channels silent about it? Or was it the overwhelming feeling
          that the story would hurt the Congress party which they want to avoid? If affirmative, where's
          objective journalism?
    (h) And by doing so, hadn't Pakistan waged a war with us?

This brings me to my fundamental argument. Are we, as a people, truly nationalistic? Do we really love our nation? I mean, we should have any interest other than the well being of our country. Its unity and security should be our prime concern, always and every time. No amount of distractions should derail that thought.


I'm sorry for being condescending but I hate those who do not have the national spirit....a genuine feeling for the country.

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