Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On the way to be a doctor-in-the-making!

There was a call early morning from one of my aunts, Indira kunjamma. I was apprehensive, as I've told earlier on in this forum that telephone calls beyond waking hours are dreaded because, usually, they are the harbingers of bad news. There was this added fact that my cousin had called up only last evening to say that her mom wasn't keeping good health due to a lack of appetite and consequently, no ingress of food which saw her getting weak and sleeping through the day. Now you get a fair idea as to why I was apprehensive!

Well, it turned out to be an anticlimax with Indira kunjamma on the line, wanting to convey the happy news that her granddaughter, Manikutty, had got selected for a course in medicine at the prestigious JIPMER in Pondicherry. It was the culmination of hard work on the part of the young lady, for almost two years, when she decided to drop a year and go for intense coaching for the entrance test when she'd missed the bus, the first time! She could have joined by paying the capitation fee but took a principled stand that she wouldn't have her father pay such a huge amount for her sake and also because she wanted to make it on her own!

It was just last week that she and her parents had been on a four day prayer at Guruvayur, at the end of which she was weighed against coins - of the denominations of Rs.10/-, Rs.5/-, Rs. 2/- and Re.1/- which amounted to Rs.50,000/- matching her 70 kgs - that was offered to the deity! Her father is an ardent believer of Guruvayoorappan and visits the temple every month to pray and does the 'sayanapradikshanam' each time!!

And now, comes the paradox! The young lady is very good at studies, had scored over 93% marks in her class XII Board exams, she was 15th in the merit list for the entrance exam and therefore, the prime mover for her ultimate selection. But it didn't take much time for some of her close relatives to attribute her success to the offerings for Guruvayoorappan!


I'm sure Guruvayoorappan must be having the last laugh! 

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