Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I'm gonna speak about certain happenings that have happened around us over the past few weeks. The difference between the thoughts and the actual actions are to be seen to be believed. Why we take this difficult option - we're all quite sure that a lie has to be supported by so many others for its sustainability and it's a difficult proposition as the perpetrator/s have to be on guard always lest a misstep lets the cat out of the bag! - is difficult to analyse but I suppose it's another facet of human behaviour that defies logic.

Without much ado, let me go into the subject matter and here I go:-

 (a) Grandhalokam - The June Issue.

       I'm a subscriber to this magazine, brought out by the Kerala Library Council every month,
       though I must keep everyone informed as to how I got to become one. The points are listed
          (i) I was an invitee to the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Ambamapuzha conclave,
               where PN Panicker, had the then Diwan of Travancore, Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer,
               inaugurate the Travancore Grandhasala Sangham on 14 Sep '45. I was invited by the
               secretary and the office bearers of the local 'Sanmarga Sandayani Library' - that was
               conceived by my paternal grandfather, NK Panicker.
         (ii) I considered it a great honour and had actively participated in all the connected activities.
               Somewhere, in between, the secretary had inquired as to whether he could make me a
               subscriber to the council's mouthpiece, the Grandhalokam and I'd agreed to it and the annual
               subscription was handed over after I'd gotten over my initial hesitation because the Library
               Council has always pretended to 'forget' PN Panicker and righted its 'forgetfulness' when
               someone pointed out the discrepancy.
        (iii) In fact, it had brought out brochures about the programme which was conspicuous by
               the absence of any mention of PN Panicker, which I came to know about subsequently.
        (iv) I was keen to know of the present quality of the magazine which was a PN Panicker
               initiative to facilitate the public to know about the activities of the Sangham.
         (v) I was also inquisitive to know about the initiatives and the key result areas of the Kerala
               Library Council, today.

       It did not take much time for my doubts to get answered. The June issue of the magazine
       had reached my house during my absence at Thiruvananthapuram in connection with the
       Vaayana Dinam and Vaaram from the 19th to the 25th. On my return, it was with a great
       amount of curiosity that I leafed through the pages of the magazine. The absence of any
       mention of PN Panicker and the Vaayana Dinam and Vaaram was conspicuous!

       I've a few queries to the editorial board of the Grandhalokam which are:-
         (i) Isn't it laughable that you've imposed a blanket ban on PN Panicker when the whole
              state is remembering him through the Vaayana Vaaram?
        (ii) What's your grouse on him that's being pursued 21 years after he's passed into the
               mist of time?
       (iii) Isn't your eagerness to "celebrate Vaayana Vaaram because PN Panicker is ours" all
              but phoney with ulterior motives?
       (iv) And lastly, how long are you going to stifle the contributions of the founder editor of
              the Grandhalokam who'd done his work sincerely for 33 years?
   (b) The Modi Interview on Times Now.

          I think Arnab Goswami's interview of the Prime Minister on Times Now, over the
          last weekend, has taken many by surprise judging by the reactions. Sample a couple:-

           (i) Why didn't the PM meet more pressmen from across the media?........The Congress.
          (ii) Why was he asked only soft questions?                                       .........The AAP.
         (iii) Why was he addressed as, "Mr Prime Minister"?                       ..........The Samajwadi Party.
    My take.

          The Prime Minister had addressed a wide range of issues and his answers clearly indicate
          his stand on each one of then unambiguously and clearly. What was refreshing was that here
          was a PM who knew the details of each and every subject that was being talked about. 

          My queries to his detractors are:-
            (i) Why don't you accept his achievements as much as you pooh pooh his failures?
           (ii) Allow him to rule for the five years that we, the people of India, have given him the
                 mandate for. Shouldn't the castigation wait till the final report on his governance?


We're passing through exciting times!


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