Monday, June 6, 2016

At Kochi.

The day had begun, yet again, at 4 and we're out of the house before 6. Breakfast, enroute, at our favourite place and by a half past 9, we're with Lekha's dentist. It was he who told us that there was a crack in her dental furniture and the whole thing could be fixed up within an hour if we could travel to Muvattupuzha, a town about 45 km from here. The other option was to leave it here and return after three days for its return from the place, after repairs and I chose the first.

I was disinclined to drive in the prevalent bad weather and hence, took the services of a taxi. Joel, the driver, took us there within an hour, the bad traffic notwithstanding. The technicians quickly took on the job and using laser, the error was corrected within about 15 minutes. We could leave the massive and elaborate dental care by 2 PM. A quick bite of lunch and we're back in Ernakulam by a half past 3 and so, decided to make a couple of social calls.

Met my cousin at her chamber and it was nice to hear her experiences on the legal front. She was gracious enough to provide us tea and snacks. Thanks to her cortisone intakes to correct her allergy, she has put on a lot of weight. She seems to be desperately trying to reduce her girth but from the manner she gorged on sweets, I knew that it was a failing proposition. Poor thing! And I didn't want to alarm her though I'd playfully pulled her leg so that she got the right message!!

The next call was on my 102 year old grand aunt. She hardly registers anything these days and is a far cry from her cheerful, majestic looks of the past. Ramakrishnan, finally, seems to have started realising this hard fact but continues to watch her medical bulletins like a hawk. She didn't even acknowledge me when I touched her feet but was enjoying the music, though.

We reached my classmate's flat at Kadavanthra around sunset time. Wasn't Shanaya, his granddaughter, thrilled to see us? She kept us enthralled, with her antics, throughout the evening.


(a) Tomorrow is gonna be a leisurely day. Lekha's appointment with the rheumatologist is at 10 unless and until they advance it at the last moment!
(b) It was great to hear my friend say that he'd deliberately avoided calling a mutual friend over for the evening because he and his family wanted to have an exclusive time with us!   

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