Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vaayana vaaram - Day 7.

Rains seem to be going through another lull as we're up and about early in the day and had taken off for the Foundation to tie up the last bit by 0830 hrs. It was Mr. VS Achuthanandan who was the chief guest for the first meeting on "Senior citizens and society". On an information provided by his son, Comrade Pannian Raveendran sir, Maman and I had gone to his house - where he's shifted recently - to ensure that he came to grace the occasion. However, he sent a felicitation message later wishing the programme all success! The OB vans and the battery of news persons just melted away, as quickly as they'd arrived, on hearing about the comrade's no show!!

At the end of the programme, I and Sudha ma'am - a member of the staff and a retired banker - were entrusted with a pleasant job of helping Afroze Ahmed saab with his shopping for spices and kurtas! Well, such interludes help break the monotony and the tension that build up in the run up to organising events and also avoids last minute lapses!

The concluding function began on the dot at 5 with the arrival of the chief minister. He reiterated the fact that EMS and PN Panicker were the greatest social reformers of Kerala in the 20th century. Well, the Kerala State Library Council must have reasons to hold back their intentions on wanting to rewrite history, pushing PN Panicker into oblivion at least for now! His order for the oath taking by the entire staff of the government secretariat on the occasion of the Vaayana vaaram was the first shocker for a few of them, at least!

 As the meeting progressed, I made my quiet role in the organising of the Vaayana vaaram had come to an end. There was nothing further left for me to do. Omanakuttan dropped me at the railway station with about 20 mts to spare for my train to leave for Guruvayur. The journey was fine with no major glitches and a good set of co-passengers. For me, a bit of reading and the writing of the blog kept me involved.


After a quiet Sunday, I'd be off early morning on Monday to my dad's place for two things viz.:-

    (a) Handing over of the books@Rs.5 grand to the Head Mistress of the Thalavoor UPS as an
          endowment on my dad's name on the occasion of the Vaayana vaaram at a function, organised
          by the school that evening.
    (b) The initiation of the removal of weeds from the rubber, teak and coconut beds that were 
          prepared just a month ago. I believe the growth has been at an amazing rate and left as it is,
          will stifle the saplings.  



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