Friday, June 3, 2016

The Mathura conundrum.

1. Consider these:-

(a) A little known sect, going by the name of 'Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi' and claiming allegiance to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had encroached upon a 260 acre plot at Jawahar Bagh in Mathura.

(b) The strength of the sect is around 3,000 people.

(c) A few of the crazy demands of the shady outfit are:-
        (a) Removal of the President and the Prime Minister.
        (b) Discontinuation of Indian currency.
        (c) 40 litres of petrol for Re.1/- and 60 litres of diesel for Re.1/-
(c) The outfit had a large cache of arms and ammunition.

(d) The leaders are Ram Vraksha Yadav, Chandan Gaur, Rakesh Gupta. They've fled from the scene of violence and are absconding.

2. Background.

(a) The group had started occupying the area since 2014, when as part of a rally from Madhya Pradesh that was supposed to terminate at New Delhi were denied permission to move on to the capital but were allowed to hold the demonstration at the venue, for two days.

(b) The demonstrators continued to stay on, felling quite a lot of fruit bearing trees during their stay to facilitate people of their ideology from eastern UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and MP to migrate and set up a shanty town.

(c) Little known Swadheen Bharat Subhas Sena and Jai Gurudev, two ragtag groups led by Ram Vraksha Yadav and Tulsidas Maharaj had ganged up to form the sect.

(d) Claiming that it wants to change the political and economic landscape of India, the outfit had actually boiled down to grabbing government owned prime real estate and set up its empire on the edifice of politics and spirituality.

(e) It had managed illegal electricity and water connections and the squatters picked up quarrels with any outsider who entered the park.

(f) The paradox was that all these illegal activities were going on right under the nose of the district magistrate's office and the police line complex!

3. The Violence.

 The eviction, by the police, was initiated at the behest of the Allahabad High Court. The sect initiated violence by carrying out indiscriminate firing at the police which culminated in the death of 24 people, including that of the Superintendent of Police. Many more people have been injured.

4. My queries.

    (a) How were these illegal squatters allowed to grow in strength?
    (b) Did they've political patronage?
    (c) Don't the law and order procedures permit the local administration to prevent illegal activities?
    (d) Or was it simply a lack of will?


(a) I was aghast to hear the CM of UP and his DGP say that they'd no clue that the squatters had
     so much of arms and ammunition and that they were not aware of the sect's overall intentions.
     What was the state's intelligence doing?

(b) Hema Malini, as the local MP, has not measured up. She makes a claim that she's an artist and             therefore, her priority lies there! Then why is she continuing as MP?

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